After watching The Killer is not so calm, I am not calm!

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In fact, I saw this movie on the fifth day of the lunar New Year and wanted to write an article about my views.However, because of all the negative comments, I’m afraid there will be a bunch of brainless trolls who will say something like “Who took their money and deliberately spewing negative comments”.I don’t want to reason with these brainless trolls and give them a chance to make their presence felt.This is not the main thing, the main thing is: I admire Wei Xiang’s fighting spirit all the time. I don’t want him to be the male no.1 for the first time.It’s not appropriate, it’s not too fussy.So, I’m just gonna suck it up till now.Now that the year is over, “The Professional” has grossed 1.6 billion yuan, ranking second in the Spring Festival box office and is expected to surpass 2.7 billion yuan.I this small writer to say a few words of disagreement, talk about their own views, it does not hurt, more will not affect the film’s box office results.So, I wrote it.It’s all negative. It doesn’t matter.The title of this movie makes you physically uncomfortable.The title is clearly a nod to the popularity of Leon.This seems to be the pattern of mahua teams.To rub off on the heat, such as the previous goodbye Mr. Loser, is to rub off on The Gothic classic the Sorrows of Young Werther.Some, of course, called it a “salute.”It’s funny to say the word “salute.”It reminds us of Kong Yiji s sly interpretation that stealing books is not stealing.To steal is to steal, to steal is to steal, to say nothing is useless.Stealing and Saluting It says “Saluting”.It has to be said that many literary works have “tribute” to the thief, but there is a difference between stealing things.If you steal a pin and thread, that’s fine, but if you steal from head to tail, that’s something.Many memes throughout the film are stolen “tributes”.The whole structure and idea of “Not Too Cool” is clearly a remake of Japanese director Toshimi Miya’s famous “Magic Hour,” about an actor who gets involved with a gang and plays within a play.The characters and the structure of the story are almost exactly copied, instantly recognizable.They stole not only the story structure, but also the costumes, music and pictures.For example, Wei Chenggong sits in the back of a car, wearing a dress and tie, with flowers on his chest and a husky voice, apparently stealing Marlon Brando.The rainy night scene, obviously stealing a business card “Singing in the Rain”.They also stole Pulp Fiction, Shanghai Tang, Stephen Chow’s masterpieces and so on.For a work of art, the concentration of “homage” is too high.The film is more of a grandiose stage play than a movie, both in terms of costumes and performances.The performance of the actors, in particular, was so grandiose that it was unbearable to read.Some people say that Stephen Chow is also a flamboyant.I admit Stephen Chow is flamboyant, but flamboyant is not the same as flamboyant.Stephen Chow’s flamboyance is heart-walking, plain, will let a person see heartfelt smile.But in this movie, the actors’ grandiose performances are superficial, careless, and entirely mechanical, with everyone feeling as if they are forcing people to laugh uncomfortably under their armpits.Laughter is also an embarrassed smile.This is also the reason why many comedians can’t learn how to imitate Stephen Chow, draw a tiger or a dog.The main function of comedy is to make people laugh, happy laugh, knowing laugh, empathic laugh, and never embarrassed laugh.This is the difference between high and low pomp.The movie feels awkward, one after the other, making the audience feel like a fool, laughing at a few simple old jokes that are stilted and forced to laugh.True comic stance must be below the audience, which is a simple truth that a comedian should know best, and this movie does the opposite, making the audience feel below the movie, a sense of being fooled.This is also a common problem in twist films.As we mentioned above, the film is a remake of The famous Work “Magic Hour” by Japanese director Toshimi Miya.The story line of the original film is very simple and clear, which conforms to the basic principle of film art: simple story, complex characters.However, the creators of “The Killer is not Too Cool” are obviously limited in their ability to turn an otherwise very simple story into a mess.The relationship between each character is too small, and there is no chain reaction between characters. Especially, some unfunny bundles and old memes are forced into the film, which makes the whole film seem incomplete, disorganized, and the story is illogical and inexplicable.It is not clear whether the creators are doing this to disguise the characteristics of the original work, or deliberately imposing a high profile.Five, the main characters can not stand a film can be successful, the most basic rule is: the main characters must stand, the main characters can not stand, no matter how good other obedience, also useless.It’s clear wei Xiang is trying hard to portray the role in this film, but he pushes too hard.His acting style is a deliberate, exaggerated and heavy acting style. In this film, he accentuated this style, which makes people feel that he is acting, not revealing his true feelings, a look is fake, fake too much.The most obvious scene is the deal with Italy.Wei Xiang probably wanted to make a joke, but he tried too hard, instead of making this funny scene fake, embarrassing.Acting is fake, but a professional actor must make it believable and believable.This is the most basic, obviously Wei Xiang did not do this, too lack of heat.In the film’s publicity, Shen teng said: “Brother Xiang will be my biggest threat in the future.”There are a lot of media take Shen Teng this sentence to make an issue of, greatly hold in both hands.Shen Teng this is originally but a joke, is to the film support, do propaganda, eat melon masses really do not have to be too serious.From the performance of Wei Xiang in this film, he is at least 54 thousand miles away from Shen Teng, far from it.After all the bad things said, say something good.Although this film has some faults, it is not like some domestic comedy films in longitudinal comparison: it is really rare to go down three roads, rely on excrement fart, pretend to be crazy, and play cheap and cute.The Killer is a little mediocre as a comedy, but as a New Year movie it’s still good, and the box office results speak for themselves.As for the defects and problems, it is not impossible to say that one flaw outweighs the other.