Yinan Cultural Tour into linyi “Fu Hu Welcome Spring Festival holiday scenic spot” broadcast room to warm up the Spring Festival activities

2022-07-29 0 By

On January 21, sponsored by the Linyi Culture and Tourism Bureau, the live broadcast promotion activity of “Fuhu Welcomes The New Year in the Scenic Spot” was held in the all-media live broadcast center of Linyi TV station.Linyi public live broadcasting, Qilu Evening News • Qilu One Point, Huadi Culture media first live broadcasting, Shandong Traffic broadcast wechat public account, Nanjing Happy Family wechat public account, poster news client 6 live broadcasting promotion platforms were carried out simultaneously.According to statistics, more than 300 benefits were distributed during the 2-hour live broadcast, attracting nearly one million viewers to watch the interaction.In order to better promote yinan cultural tourism products, stimulate the county’s cultural tourism market consumption potential, and actively help Yinan cultural tourism enterprises to expand online sales channels, Yinan County Mengshan Color Mongolian scenic spot Management Committee Vice director Wang Wenquan led the team to participate in the activity,Liu Ruiyan, chief of Marketing Department, together with Hongsao’s hometown tourism area and Zhisheng Tangquan Hot Spring Resort, launched the Spring Festival welfare activities of various scenic spots in Yinan County in the broadcast room.”Bubble hot spring, to Shandong Yinan Zhi Sheng Tang Spring” “Red sister-in-law hometown tourism area”…In the comments area of the live broadcast room, many netizens left comments praising the live broadcast, such as “Visit Yinan during the Spring Festival”, while others expressed their desire to continue such online activities.In the post-epidemic era, live broadcast publicity has an increasing impact on production and life, and new media marketing has also provided a new path for the development of cultural tourism industry.Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control and production safety, various scenic spots in Yinan County have introduced Spring Festival welfare.Zhuquan Village launched 3 welfare during the Spring Festival, welfare 1: Zhuquan Village Hongshi Village scenic spot ticket price 98 yuan set of tickets 49 yuan discount snap up;Benefit 2: Internet celebrities with more than 3 million fans on Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and wechat short video platforms can enter the park for free from the first day to the 15th day of the first lunar month.Benefits 3: all kinds of folk customs welcome relatives interpretation, national tide flash, food snacks, wonderful;Zhi Sheng Tang Spring Special dedication of the Year of the Tiger dinner “Fu Hu Banquet”, thick New Year flavor, warm heart;Hongsao hometown tourist area during the Spring Festival to build a huge amount of money to “Lantern Festival” and play snow paradise, lanterns, watching snow, snowball fights, eat food, winter carnival, will be kicked off from here!In addition, Zhujialin Pastoral Complex also launched a series of activities such as family leisure tour, lucky rings and praying politeness, rural afternoon tea and so on.Visit Red sister-in-law’s hometown, stroll around the ancient village, bubble Wisdom holy soup spring, see folk performing arts, taste characteristic food, bamboo Spring Festival in the village.During the Spring Festival, yinan Culture Tour will warmly welcome friends to visit Yinan with warm service and abundant tourism products.