“Perfect Mate” Lin Ji-yeop is very popular, although this year is only 11 years old, but very handsome and has great potential

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“Perfect Partner” there are two very circle of small child stars, one is played Sun Yuanyao Feng Xueya, one is played Lin Jing Lin Ziye, and today is to say that Lin Ziye this little child star, in fact, Lin Ziye is not strange to many friends, before because of the video on a network platform,The Lin Ziye that is less than 10 years old depends on pure and fresh and handsome appearance and circle pink is innumerable, sign a contract by a certain film and television company very quickly, enter film and television bound formally thereby.After entering the film Lin Ziye also already have acted in a number of TV dramas, recently hit the jun age of nine, believe that everyone have a impression on Lin Ziye, he played a small report wood nine, not young suffered a lot of obstacles, alone at an early age he learned to independent and strong, showed the age cannot match with him mature and stable,The character was still popular and loved when the TV series aired.And in the “perfect partner”, Lin Ziye played by hewitt associates, a certain extent, is also a very sensible young precocious clever boy, father Lin Qingkun because work often not at home, mother a person worked so hard to take care of himself and his family, hewitt associates to see in the eye pain in my heart, very grateful to and love their mother,Also like a close small cotton-padded jacket general to mother a lot of warmth.Moreover hewitt associates has two places to give people a lot of feeling and thinking, one is facing parents feeling and the marriage breaks down, as a child should be how to choose and decide, when hewitt associates found that mom and dad want to divorce, he collapse is unacceptable, even a similar run away from home for this move, even with close to threat, let mom and dad to compromise,That is to say, although Lin Qingkun and Wu Min are separated, they still pretend everything is the same in front of their children, which is of great thinking significance for parents.Another is his exquisite and kindness, especially for their own good partner sun overlook, hewitt associates is very fine and good, especially Chen Shan and sun after his divorce, hewitt associates as mom said, invite sun looked to his house for dinner or a few days, because he felt when he overlook a very low at this time must be very sad, so want her to change the environment a change of mood,It’s nice to be so sensitive and warm and kind for someone so young.Hewitt associates in the play is a gentle and quiet most of the time a gentleman boy, but he has his outburst of anger or even began to fight, it’s in a managed class, there is a classmate suspect that he has no father, hewitt associates to immediately fire, soft, tender, just as nothing like usual, but became very angry temper even hysteria,Speaking of this is also a sensitive place in his heart, the processing of this plot, Lin Ziye’s performance is also very good.In short, although Lin Ziye was 11 years old this year, from his “jun 9 age” and “perfect partner” the inside of the form, really is very handsome is also very little fellow has acting potential, most of the time can let a person feel he is a little wu lei, for the intelligent gentleman elegant performance, is also very cute and lovable, in the highly anticipated “hao garment line”,Lin Ziye will play chu Wanning in the youth, that is luo Yunxi’s role in the youth, now think about Lin Ziye in the brow charm is really like Luo Yunxi, speaking of this you are not also more looking forward to the little guy’s performance?