New Zealand Language school work remuneration and work

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Compared with other English students in China, Singapore has a relatively relaxed current policy of going abroad for postgraduate study, and allows international students to work during their postgraduate study abroad.If the student reads full-time bachelor degree course content or the qualification certificate course content that lasts for at least 2 years, will have every week reasonable and legal work 20 hours of control authority, holiday day every week more in the job 40 hours.Under Singapore’s current policy, students can still work 20 hours a week if they have already scored 5 points in IELTS at the time they submit their visa application.International students work for a limited number of hours, usually 20 hours per week.If you earn NZ $10 per hour, that’s about NZ $200 per week, which is about $10,000 per year for 50 weeks a year.The cost of training here is about NZ $12,000 for a regular high school, and the cost of living is about NZ $120 per week (rent is about NZ $80 and living expenses are about NZ $40).Cost (training fee, rent, living expenses) : approximately NZ $18,000 (based on 50 weeks);Annual income (part-time, 20 hours per week, 50 weeks) : approximately NZ $10,000;Net: NZ $8000.Singapore gives everyone who lives here a high tax identification number. The boss will ask you for the tax identification number during the recruitment interview so that he can deliver the payroll tax to the tax bureau.Payroll taxes are about 19.5 percent of earnings and are automatically deducted from your income.So be sure to ask whether you’re making your salary before tax or after tax.For example, if your pre-tax salary is 12 yuan/hour, your basic salary after tax deduction will be around 9.66 yuan/hour.A part-time job for lively and cheerful, like to get along with people can apply for some waiter work, general small and medium-sized restaurants will hire 6-8 waiters and holiday with the improvement of the tourism industry, will ask students to help them deal with the problem of human resources in the holiday time.Small catering jobs are posted by the door.Or it will be published in the local newspaper, please contact me please go to I information center pay attention to the provincial newspaper.English is not very good can also go to the local hotel to find a job, they will have to house clearing staff and other positions.People with good English skills can get a job in some retail stores. They usually put their advertisements in the local newspaper or put them up immediately.If you have any other questions about studying in Australia and New Zealand, you can add your concern or click on the lower right corner to chat and establish contact with me, thank you!To learn more