Lead all guards with 40+ points 7 times in a season!Treyon has too much firepower!He’s only 5 ‘5″

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On March 14 (Beijing time), the Hawks took an 18-point lead in the first half. They thought the game would go into garbage time early, but the Pacers started chasing points in the second half, but the Hawks built up enough lead early.In the end, it was a 131-128 victory, and the two sides of the whole game could be said to be a lively match, the Hawks scored a total of seven players in double figures, and led the team scoring is none other than the team’s backcourt core Trey Young.He scored 47 points, three rebounds and five assists on 13-of-20 shooting and 7-of-10 3-pointers in 35 minutes, giving him his 23rd record of 40+ points, second only to Dominic Wilkins and Bob Pettitt in Franchise history.In addition it is also a special ray young 40 +, the seventh time this season than several other popular backcourt players are higher, you know east qi qi, moran, garage all three and only 40 + 6 times this season, but as the height of the shortest small guard (especially ray young is only 1 meter 85), ray young can keep the output of the horror, is nice.As early as the period of the university of Oklahoma show a terrorist attack ability ray young, at that time also have a “garage ii” reputation, and in the 18 years since joining the eagle with 5 show, “ray young also make their own charismatic offense and the NBA stage seamlessly, ray young rookie season, can hand over 19.1 points and 3.7 rebounds, 8.1 assists,Trey Young might have been rookie of the year if it wasn’t for the more buggy and versatile Doncic averaging 20+5+5 per game.The following season, He increased his scoring average by more than 10 points, averaging a career-best 29.6 points and 9.3 assists from outside the box. The Hawks didn’t make the playoffs, but Trey’s firepower and playmaking skills won him fans.Young led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference finals last season and lost to the Bucks, but he stole the show by averaging 28.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 9.5 assists during the playoffs.Had last season’s journey to the east of, also let everybody in this season a greater expectations for the eagle, but the early stage of the team suffered the injury of large area, the location of the east fell out of the top ten, if not ray young continue to open to attack mode, the eagle estimated also won’t rebound in recent, cherish the hope into the playoffs.After today’s narrow win over indiana, the Hawks are ninth in the Eastern Conference with a 33-34 record, and while catching the Cavaliers in the top six is unlikely (five games out of five), a playoff run for a last-place spot is not out of the question.He’s averaging 29.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 9.7 assists per game since the All-Star break (27.8 points per game prior to the break), and it looks like he’s really fighting to get the Hawks into the playoffs.It remains to be seen if Young will continue to put up 40+ points as the Hawks face the Nets, Heat, Warriors and Grizzlies.