Hot and delicious!Lingang new film area breakfast demonstration point, really gelievable!”Love Life Warm Spring”

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A year’s plan starts in spring, and a day’s plan starts in the morning. Breakfast, as an important livelihood project, is directly related to people’s quality of life and happiness.In 2021, Lingang New Area will launch the establishment of “breakfast demonstration site”, aiming to play a leading and demonstration role, further promote the construction of breakfast project, and let citizens have more sense of gain and happiness.As warm stomach warm heart breakfast “map” spread bigger, the citizen buys breakfast more and more convenient also.Summer oak road face shopkeeper breakfast project demonstration point, early in the morning has prepared a variety of breakfast.Ordering a bowl of hot noodles with steamed buns, those who live nearby sit quietly in the restaurant and enjoy a hot breakfast.Most of the people who buy breakfast at the takeaway window are office workers in a hurry, or residents who pack it to take home.Salty cabbage, sweet soya-bean milk and porridge, dozens of varieties of breakfast, not at all monotonous.Community breakfast outlets provide citizens with more choices and make hurried breakfast more ceremonial, enriching citizens’ needs and further enhancing their sense of gain.There are three community breakfast outlets selected as the demonstration sites this time, which can radiate to the newly built large residential communities around and provide more convenient breakfast choices for community residents.Each location is carefully selected to meet the high demand for breakfast, such as the Blue Bay Food Restaurant in Blue Bay, which sells more than 200 breakfasts every morning to meet the demand of people living in the nearby community.In addition to community breakfast, the breakfast project goes into various industrial parks in Lingang, and actively promotes the introduction of chain convenience stores in business buildings to enrich the breakfast supply channels and varieties to serve office workers.Yike convenience store in Jinqiao Lingang Zhihui Garden is one of them.Steamed buns in the steam box, hot kanto cooking, colorful rice balls in the refrigerator, sandwiches, milk, yogurt…The breakfast choice of Chinese and Western fusion has become the first choice of many office workers.The person in charge of Zhihui Garden store introduced: “Yike has created a series of own brands, which can provide consumers with high-quality self-research and self-run products, and keep the rapid iteration of new products every two weeks, and constantly give consumers a sense of freshness.Most of the self-owned brand goods come from Yike fresh food factory, which has unified fresh distribution every day, food materials can be traced and monitored, unified and standardized production and processing, and low temperature cold chain distribution to the store.Take sandwiches, bento and other popular products as an example, no preservatives are added in the production and processing process. They are delivered to the store on the same morning and the same night, and the sales time is no more than 36 hours, ensuring that every bite is fresher and safer for consumers.”It is understood that in 2022, Yike plans to further expand the number of outlets in Lingang, mainly in industrial parks and office buildings, to speed up coverage and meet the consumption upgrading needs of white-collar workers in the new area.In the construction of the breakfast project, the breakfast car assumes the role of “making up the breakfast blank spot”, and drives to each weak supply area.It is reported that the 9 breakfast trucks were selected as demonstration sites. They are scattered in subway stations, parks, commercial buildings and residential communities, making the convenient breakfast service radius increasingly larger.Starry Sky Land Sponge Park →← Dishui Lake Subway Station In these dining cars, ready-made and ready-sold equipment, can provide customers with a variety of preferential and anxiety-free choices.Zheng Jie, manager of the mobile food truck, said that the dim sum stall can provide nearly 50 kinds of food every day, and the food will be updated from time to time to make residents feel fresh.Wake up the day full of energy and motivation with a hot, savory breakfast.This is the most real and tangible sense of happiness and gain.From “yes or no” to “Good or not”, the breakfast project in Lingang New area is becoming more and more warm and warm, adding new atmosphere and vitality to “people’s city”.The road is smooth, and all the places you want to go can be reached!* New upgrade!Let’s see what a five-star vegetable farm on our doorstep looks like