Henan TV, overturned this time?

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Henan TV, is it going to roll over?On New Year’s Eve in 2022, CCTV, Jilin, Henan and Hebei TV stations will broadcast the gala.Henan SATELLITE TV, as always, the main “national style”, ratings are at the bottom.CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala with 1.7 viewership cliff type champion, jilin beat 0.2, Hebei beat 0.1.In contrast, Henan SATELLITE TV, the whole journey is less than 0.1.Some people began to doubt that henan SATELLITE TV to engage in that set of culture, will not work?”Henan Spring Festival Gala, cultural volume king” suspected henan SATELLITE TV overturned people, was slapped in the face.On the night of January 30, the Spring Festival Gala in Henan province became the most searched event after it was broadcast.Later, “Henan Spring Festival Gala culture volume king”, “Henan Spring Festival Gala beautiful peony fairy” and other topics caused the audience hot discussion.Dance “National beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”, the interpretation of Bai Juyi, Di Renjie, Shangguan Waner and other eleven popular figures, was praised by the People’s Daily as a cultural feast.Figure dynamic figure | | from luoyang evening weibo excerpts from the People’s Daily microblog peony fairy appearance, more impressive number of spectators.The split-screen clip of The People’s Kingdom made the audience cry.”Shenzhou Gate God”, “Bumper Harvest”, “World Peace” and “Heroine” have their own wonderful.Looking back at the seven programs of Henan TV’s 2021 “Chinese Festivals” series, the total number of online hits has exceeded 20 billion, and the topics related to weibo have been read more than 5 billion.Those who surprised everyone of the festival series, 2021 Spring Festival Gala “Tang Palace Banquet”, The Lantern Festival “Lotus Pond”, Qingming “Paper fan scholar”, Dragon Boat Festival “Qi”, Tanabata “Dragon Gate King Kong”, Mid-Autumn Festival “Ink dance Mid-Autumn post”, Double Ninth “Feng lai”…, 00:38 figure | from bilibili “henan’s official 2021 henan TV Chinese holiday collection every watch, let a person too many things to see, very exciting.Henan satellite TV, really worthy of being the culture bully that has culture ox X disease!Reviewing the road of henan TV explosion fire, it is accidental at the beginning, behind became inevitable.Ahead of the 2021 Gala, Henan TV doesn’t expect much from the show.We can’t afford a big star on a $5 million production budget.Ten thousand dollars for publicity, no amount of publicity can attract many viewers.I guess I just went through a party in a routine mood.The program is the same as it has been for more than a decade: a family party at the beginning, routine songs, dances and language shows in the middle, and a reunion at the end.The director looked at the plan submitted by the director and finally gave the nod.”Anyway, no one watched the Spring Festival Gala before, so you can make it. You can’t lose anything.”The only innovation, perhaps, is live-streaming on short video platforms.In order to avoid a line of local Taiwan’s Spring Festival Gala, the “humble” of the second line also deliberately moved their Spring Festival Gala to the twenty-nine, and the platform in the balance of several satellite TV, and did not choose to promote Henan Taiwan (how to see, how poor), although with other people’s home than a little bitter, but with their previous than or progress.The total number of viewers of the 2021 Henan Spring Festival Gala reached 8 million on the night of the simultaneous live broadcast on the short video platform, breaking the audience rating record of its own TV program.That would have been a satisfying result.But little did they know that word of mouth continued to build and bigger surprises were to come.The dance “Tang Palace Banquet” has been viewed more than 2 billion times online, and the topic has been trending for four consecutive days.Henan SATELLITE TV began to fire, fire oneself do not believe.Chen Lei, the chief director, thought that the station was bragging, so he went to ask, only to get a bitter but funny answer: “How can there be so much money?”Henan TV felt extremely flattered and encouraged.In order to repay the audience’s love, in 10 days to complete the Wonderful Journey of Yuanxiao, the lovely Tang Palace girls once again straight to the hearts of the audience.Go out of the circle is accidental, continue to bring forth new ideas by accidental, burst fire became inevitable.Since then, Henan TV has been on its feet: since the audience loves the combination of traditional culture and new fashion, why don’t we continue to do it?Do flow than others, do culture but their own expertise.Figure | Mid-Autumn festival “crane returned from xi” the localization “of” cultural TV counter attack, most of the time, not because of accidental bring luck.But behind has been insisting on hard practice, just waiting for an accident.Henan SATELLITE TV was once brilliant and prosperous, but later just declined.Twenty years ago, the painting style of henan people was like this: “It is ok to ask the elderly to help take care of the children, but don’t delay them to watch Pear Garden Spring.”Figure | “liyuan spring”, “liyuan chun” is the shoulder traverse to the child of henan TV drama programs, the average ratings in Taiwan for many years in the broadcast of the first.At its peak, it even competed with the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for viewers.It was 2001, and the final of “Pear Garden Spring” fell on the eve of Chinese New Year.People in Henan are faced with a difficult choice between the once-a-year CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the long-awaited final of Pear Garden Spring.Some villagers weighed for a long time and chose to watch Pear Garden Spring all night with heroic courage.Some villagers, however, want to have it both ways without delay, switching back and forth between the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the Liyuan Spring Festival (the scene was once a bit chaotic).In 2002, “Pear Garden Spring” also fire abroad, should be Australia and South America many countries invited to carry out a tour.A year later, Henan TV launched a martial arts fighting show called “Wulin Feng,” which was also a hit.In the minds of men at that time, they may not know what grade their children are in, but they must remember the broadcast time of Martial Arts Wind.Every time “Global Martial arts festival”, Henan TV ratings are the first in the country.Abroad, the Wulin Wind is also very popular.In 2010, its competition in Las Vegas, the United States, was hard to get a ticket for 2,000 people in the venue, the New York Times and The Washington Post and other major American media are scrambling to follow the coverage.Later, Henan SATELLITE TV launched treasure appraisal program “The Door of Hua Yu” and Chinese character program “Chinese character hero”, all related to Chinese traditional culture.Henan TV has always remembered the path it set out to follow from the very beginning — promoting traditional culture.It is worthy of the positioning of “cultural SATELLITE TV”, but also achieve “combine tao with music”.However, since about 2013, talent shows, traffic phenomenon, smart phones, short videos, all kinds of factors come together, and traditional TV programs gradually decline.The audience for “Pear Garden Spring” and “Wu Lin Feng” is also aging. The young people have taken away the remote controls and the TV has become more entertaining.So the popularity of Henan TV’s traditional cultural programs is not due to pure accident, but it has been doing this kind of thing.Do not rely on flow stars, rely on their own advantages and henan’s own cultural heritage, Henan SATELLITE TV was finally seen again.Figure | “Mid-Autumn wonderful tour” fragments “assigned to the science and technology, winning by content” henan satellite TV to see.The first is due to internal reforms.In November 2020, Henan SATELLITE TV set up a new all-media marketing planning center.Today’s young are more accustomed to watching programs online and on various video platforms.To expand their influence, TV programs must catch up with young people and combine traditional TV and video platforms.Moving TV programs to video platform is conducive to video editing, secondary creation and dissemination by creators.This is how the Banquet in Tang Palace became popular.And later series of programs, Henan SATELLITE TV will be the first platform highlights and sidelettes put out to warm up, become a good way of publicity and promotion.Second, Henan TV makes traditional culture “live”.The content of traditional TV programs, in fact, “plays a soliloquy game”, is a one-way transmission.Contemporary young people prefer to watch interactive, scenario-based content.”Tang Palace Banquet” is built by relying on the scene, integrating cultural factors such as Jiahu ancient flute, Fu Hao Owl statue, Lotus crane square pot, “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, “Dao Lian Map”, “Zanhua Ladies”.The tang Palace girls cross over in different scenes, and the dance adds dynamic interest and gives the audience a sense of “presence”.This dance, which fits the contemporary aesthetic and presents the culture in a dynamic form, immediately attracts the audience.Later, the series was made into the form of net comprehensive + net drama, which caught the taste of young people.Third, it is science and technology that makes traditional culture come alive.Tang Palace Banquet, using keying, 3D, 5G, VR, AR and other technologies;Qi adopts various technologies including underwater photography, 360° surround stop-motion photography and AR;The King Kong of Longmen first built a 3D model in the Longmen Grottoes and 3D scanned the whole Fengxian Temple, using the 3D restored Fengxian Temple as the background.The 2022 Gala uses a 720-degree curved screen to give viewers an “immersive” experience.The use of technology to increase the use of new audio-visual means to bring more shocking feelings to the audience.But what really moves the audience is still the core of traditional culture.”Our goal is not to shock you visually, but to touch you emotionally,” said Chen Lei, chief director.I think one of the biggest difficulties and one of the things we have to stick to is that no matter how good I am at post effects, it always touches you.”Empower by science and technology, and finally win by content.The festival series created by Henan SATELLITE TV is full of science and technology, but what really touches the audience is the familiar images in traditional Chinese culture.Tang Palace terracotta, scholar spirit, Dragon Boat Festival blessing, Flying King Kong, ink book post, Phoenix nirvana, Luoyang Peony……In a word, the cultural DNA of the Chinese people has been shaken.Figure | “Mid-Autumn wonderful tour” fragment river David and audience in addition to the “two-way to” brilliant jing content to the audience, the creator of respect but also impressed the audience.Creators believe that “rather than our netizens are picky, we should say that the level of netizens is very high.” The audience can see whether the program has a heart or not.To this end, they strive to get every frame perfect.Yang Yang, music director of Henan TV, once shared a story.In the qingming Festival recording, the program team will take a picture of a band “beating drums and raising yellow sand” by the Yellow River.Yang Yang took charge of the guitar and left temporarily.When I came back two hours later, I was still stuck in this one.Yang Yang was surprised and asked someone else: “Why is the progress still here?”The others were more worried than he was: “The first one is the sand fell crooked, and the last one is not strong enough!”Shows the program group’s intentions.Figure | from Beijing in addition, in the film “shaolin kung fu”, there is a monk stamping lens unexpectedly took dozens of times.The only one, a little monk, is only four and a half years old.It rained heavily on the day of shooting, and the child was very tired by the evening.In one scene where he bent over, the ground was so slippery that he fell down with a thud while doing the movements, but he continued to cooperate with the shooting with tears in his eyes.Figure | “shaolin kung fu” all content presented to the audience, after all dental laboratories.For the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, “National Colors and Heavenly Fragrance” is the highlight, with only four film teams dispatched.Luo wenbo’s peony fairy was shot 38 times in the opening credits alone.Han Peng, executive director, said: “From costumes, props, makeup to programming and design, from creative conception, filming and production to every smile of the characters, we portray every detail with an ‘extreme mentality’.”Henan TV respects the audience, and the audience can also see its heart and sincerity, and love it in turn.During the shooting of the Qixi Festival tour, a lot of filming was suspended due to heavy rain and repeated outbreaks of the epidemic. The original one-week construction period was reduced to one or two days, and the broadcast effect was also reduced.The audience can see some flaws, but also be tolerant.What is even more touching for the creators is that the audience can always find their preconceived ideas.For example, the last program of Qixi Festival, The Brightest star in the Night Sky, expresses thanks to the people who helped henan during the heavy rain on July 20 with a clever plot.As the audience hits the barrage with precision, the creators feel like they have the same heart.Figure | “the brightest star in the night sky” as a matter of fact, henan TV later formed a kind of “Spring Festival gala everyone” creative thinking.The audience participates in the planning in the early stage, pays attention to the filming process and behind-the-scenes trivia in the middle stage, and finally discusses the program after it comes out, and then thinks about how to do the following program together.For example, the audience has proposed that the “wonderful tour series” more live performances, the program group put many of the program scenery in henan’s historic sites, such as Yuntaishan Waterfall, Xinyang South Bay Lake, shangqiu ancient City and other places.Figure | the chongyang wonderful tour to yuntai mountain waterfall shot under the forerunner of “easy” in the 2022 Spring Festival gala in henan, director Chen lei said: “in the face of the stage, my heart is filled with audience forever.Only when you really care about the audience will you be recognized.”At the end of the film, the producers wrote “special thanks to netizens, audiences and lovely fans all over the country”.That gratitude remains today.And the audience also gave Henan TV a cute nickname, “River David”.This kind of “two-way flow” between the audience and the creator is really moving.Although “cultural confidence is the top flow” has made such a big achievement, but Henan TV is not proud.Director Qian Linlin said, “It’s not us, it’s Chinese traditional culture.”We are just porters of traditional Chinese culture.That’s true.As early as 2017, The State Council called on all regions and departments to study the “contemporary expression of traditional culture”. Henan TV is also groping under this background.It keenly captures people’s love for the country, the nation and the traditional culture, and expresses it in a good form — technology empowerment, dynamic presentation, net ensemble + net drama.Figure | show behind the “dragon boat sacrifice” good form, the most fundamental is a kind of cultural identity on people’s inner awakening.Neo-confucianist Du Weiming divided the Chinese people into three levels, the highest level being the culturally conscious Chinese.Chinese people have internalized all aspects of Chinese culture in their upbringing.All it takes is a key to awaken this cultural awareness.Some people say that Chinese history and culture have been damaged by the impact of western culture since modern times.The implication is that the traditional culture we see now is not what it used to be.But not in my opinion.Traditional Chinese culture has always been there, but the way we see it and express it has changed.What has changed is the era and form, and what has not changed is the core.Chinese traditional culture is always rooted in the heart of every Chinese, once there is something about it, every Chinese will be awakened.As long as people’s cultural confidence is still the top flow, Henan SATELLITE TV will not overturn.Author: Shanfeng Source: Guiguan wechat official account