“Collection order” Spring Festival, send blessings, Golden Tiger New Year “cloud New Year” video shot!

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Jinhuna fu your blessing momnet transfer Jilin mommy baby network WISH you a HAPPY NEW YEAR- rings still, time in a hurry warm Atmosphere of the YEAR is becoming stronger and stronger all, are telling you another YEAR to the Spring Festival when changchun pregnant baby children Industry Alliance &;Let the traditional Chinese New Year “come alive”, no matter where you are, please pick up the phone as soon as possible, shoot the video of New Year wishes and send it to us!Through the lens to express your blessing ~ miss ~ greetings ~ this Spring Festival, with new ideas and blessings, to everyone “yun Nian” it!Shooting content requirements in this quickly get up ~ video solicitation activity time video solicitation time: from now on to February 15 video promotion exhibition date: From January 31 to February 15 form of activity in Jilin Mommy baby network open New Year “cloud New Year” special page for online display and promotion of works.Please click “Read the original text” to enter the special page of “Cloud New Year greetings”. There is no age limit, no place of residence limit, and no institution limit.Or add wechat 13194351977 to send the video (please leave your name + contact information), the length of the video should not exceed 30 seconds;2, video content, personal participation needs to take “I am the mother of *** or ** baby, I wish you all ***” words, institutions need to take “I am the mother of *** organization, I wish the members of the Mother’s network happy New Year, I wish you all ***” 3, video screen requirements clear and stable, natural color, no obvious background noise, sound and picture synchronization;4. The video must be original and shall not infringe on other people’s civil rights such as reputation rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights. In case of relevant disputes, the display qualification will be cancelled;5. Once you enter the contest, the title belongs to the organizer. The award mechanism is golden Tiger Nafu “New Year Video Excellence Award” electronic certificate issued by Changchun Maternal, Infant and Child Industry Alliance.All the individual organizers of the video of Changchun Motherhood, Baby and Children Industry Alliance Jilin Mommy Baby network customer service consultation plus wechat 13194351977 Busy for a year those words have not been said not to express the thoughts is also time to reveal out of the jilin Mommy baby network from now on to all members to collect New Year’s greetings video!Happy New Year!