After being pulled from the shelves after 8 days, director and producer bicker, the movie is a joke

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It’s going to be a tough road for Cho.A few years ago, Cho wen-cho released a movie called Tattoo, which made a staggering $1.8 million at the box office and was quickly released. Many people didn’t even know about Cho’s new movie.To be honest, I actually wanted to see The Tattoo at first.After all, it’s Cho’s return for the first time in three years with Kung Fu League, which makes sense in a time when action stars are scarce.From a marketing perspective, however, it seems that audiences have long forgotten cho’s existence.Before the release of Tattoo, the number of “want to see” increased by several hundred people in a single day, and the total number of “want to see” before the release was only more than 7000 people. In addition, the publicity received only a lukewarm response, which led to the theater managers not to take Zhao Wenzhuo’s film seriously.On January 14, “Tattoo” opened with only 2.7 percent of screenings, many theaters did not show it at all, and it made only 950,000 yuan at the box office on its opening day.On May 22, nine days after its release, the screen dropped to 0.1% and completely stalled.In the end, the film earned 1.86 million yuan after eight days in theaters.Not as good as a big net result.The achievement of Tattoo is terrible to describe it is inexpressible, this money if put in the “Zhao Zhen war” period, even can not pay for zhao Wenzhuo’s hotel expenses.Even more interesting, just before the movie’s release, the tattoo’s official short video account did a bit of work, giving people a fight between the director and the producer.Film director Lu Yitong live, producer Yu Hongbo uninvited, the two first looked at each other, and then said a few polite words, followed by uncontrollable inner turmoil began passion spray each other.The director scolded the producer: “You as a producer, now this film rate, why did you go?!””Are you making [good movies]?The movie itself, turned into a bad movie!The ratings are as low as they can get!”Director strange xuan hair is not good, the producer advised him to find their own reasons, the director strange producer disorderly cut their own film, the producer said that is because the director ability not cut the finished product product is not satisfied with…..The two talk about art, the rules of the market, filmmaking and the macro environment, but their lines are filled with the anger of two losers.What’s more, this live broadcast was not only not “pr”, but also edited by the official account of “Tattoo”, which was divided into eight segments and successively wrote copywriting according to the theme.”Who is to blame for making a film with a box office of less than 2 million yuan?”After the incident broke out, some people said it was a hype, because it was an official project, but others said it was a real quarrel. After all, the screening of Tattoo has been hopeless, so it is useless to hype up the fight. Moreover, the official media of Tattoo did not do any more promotion for the film after releasing the video of the fight, so it must be a fight.We don’t know which one is true, but tattoo is a hit.It didn’t take long for “Tattoo” to be released on all major video platforms. At first, you had to pay 6 yuan to watch it, but somehow, people didn’t even want to pay 6 yuan, and within days, it was free again.To finally see it, as a movie account, and to see how bad it was at the box office, and how good it was off the screen, really made me curious.I just finished watching Tattoo.The first thought of closing the page was: I support the producers!Usually, WHEN I introduce a movie, I start with a synopsis to give the reader an outline of the movie.But tattoo, I have to admit: I didn’t get it.As mentioned above, when producer Yu Hongbo quarreled with director Lu Yitong, he revealed that Lu yitong called him the “fourth director”.In front of them are Quentin, Nolan and Ang Lee.Although “Tattoo” is Lu Yitong’s first feature film, but I still see his boundless yearning for Quentin, Nolan avant-garde filmmakers.If others play with structures, he plays with blocks (under 3 years old).The overall look and feel of the film is highlighted by a “chaos” word, the film uses a flashback opening, took a section of the climax of the later play, the curtain opened into all the characters.After a Star Wars-like shootout in which people are killed and wounded, Cho runs over to a character and says a bunch of confusing things.The names, the motives, the lines are all confusing.Look not to understand?It’s okay. People don’t get it.Soon after, Cho’s tattoo artist “Ah Chang” begins the first-person narration.The first introduced his two friends “Yin and Yang” and “rotten dragon”, the first began to play an American woman looking for a chang tattoo, just played the relationship between a Chang and his daughter background, there began to tell about a Chang in the gang.At this point, you might be asking: Do these four things have anything to do with the plot?I actually want to ask the director: Do these four things you shot have anything to do with the plot?It can be said that in the first half hour or so of the film, there is no main line introduced. The narrative focus is here and there. After introducing this character, it jumps to another one without any connection.This, too, depends on a lot of side notes to proceed.Memories interspersed with memories, self-narration interspersed with self-narration, I see the clouds in the fog boring to the extreme.Director, why don’t we just invite someone in deyun Society and talk about the background for five minutes?Finally in the film 38 minutes 49 seconds, the villain found the protagonist, I could not help but stand up and clap: director, we finally began to enter the main scene!And then I got screwed by the writers again.This movie should be about such a thing, said Zhao Wenzhuo as “chang” is a gang tattoo division, in an operation due to a surprise attack on the Japanese merchant ship, so Japanese Asano targeted, back and forth with him to find a thing.And then we’re done.The second half of the story is almost a turn-based game, asano’s revenge on A Chang may be based on a real fight between primary school students, that is, endless calls a Chang to get tattoos, and then a Chang to kill the people around him.I mean, we can assassinate the main character but if we don’t, we kill his friends.This trick almost water out of the movie’s second half of the time, the plot is a Chang to tattoo, supporting assassination, a Chang was suspected, a Chang went to tattoo, supporting assassination, a Chang was suspected….Water to the end, to the end of the play, in accordance with the convention to reverse: in fact, are a Changfa small secretly instil, crackling finished.What is this what is this.Director have you seen it yourself?Can you handle it on your own?Moreover, as a film starring Wenzhuo Zhao, Tattoo is labeled as an action + drama film, and its publicity is also based on what “fist to flesh”, “thrilling” as the selling point.Throw in the official behind-the-scenes footage of Cho shooting the action, and everyone will think it’s an action movie, right?However, there are only three action scenes in the first two thirds of the movie.Roughly 12 seconds for the first scene, 9 seconds for the second and 4 seconds for the third, and you have to keep your eyes open and your breath held to catch the action as it passes by.Yes, you read that right. The GIF below is an action scene.At 1.18.03 seconds, the warrior Monk Yilong appears.I thought Cho would finally get a fight, but they only played for 42 seconds!In the final Armageddon, Cho wencho started the fight in 1.29.47 and the villain died in 1.33.07, which only lasted three minutes and 20 seconds, even ignoring the lines and cutscenes.Who could have imagined an action movie that advertised itself as “punch-to-the-flesh, thrilling” — with only 4 minutes and 27 seconds of action!No wonder Zhao Wenzhuo pose action stills are a scene, the original are in a play to pick.What hurt me most was that the movie invited the famous French action actor David Bailey.The only action he had in the movie was jumping off a boat!Yes, David Bailey!The star of The Violent Block!Come to China can only jump ship!All the way from France to jump off a boat!This may surprise you: How can a movie that works be so bad?Author you bluff me!Come on, let me show you the bullet screen. You will know the power of this movie through the change of the netizens’ mentality.When the film opens, netizens rush to post a barrage of messages expressing their joy at watching Cho’s film.At this point, the audience is happy.Then, after watching the first half of the director salute Nolan, Quentin narrative techniques.The audience was silent and began to doubt their intelligence quotient: after half of the reading, I could not understand it. Maybe I was too superficial!To the second half, the audience increasingly feel cheated, it is not their OWN IQ is not good, but the mentally retarded someone else!”I’m mad at the six dollars I spent.”In the end, the netizens could not bear the director urinating on their IQ and left. The bullet screen faded. In the middle of the huge video, only a sincere question was asked: Is there no one left?Of course, this sentence can also be sent to Cho wenzhuo.From jet Li successor to network, and now 1.86 million box office.If we keep shooting like this, there won’t be anyone left.– Full text.