2022 peace travel | driving fasten your seat belt

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Heze traffic police with you all the way, I hope you friends have a safe and happy year.Today, shu shu is going to push safety tips for everyone during the Spring Festival travel rush: seat belts.The first thing you should do during the Spring Festival is to fasten your seat belt, whether you are driving on the highway or in the city. Many people think that it is not necessary to fasten your seat belt when driving in the city.Case 1 at 10:00 on November 5, 2021, the driver Li driving Lu **JR small car, driving along the Sunpatella Road from south to north and an electric tricycle from west to east crossing the intersection collision.The accident resulted in varying degrees of damage to both vehicles. Li was injured when his head collided with the window due to driving a motor vehicle without a seat belt.Case 2 August 15, Jining, Shandong.Ding driving large ordinary passenger car along The Yanzhou District of Jining City From north to south to stone road south section of the road, and from south to north hole driving heavy semi tractor collision accident, caused two car damage, passenger car driver and passengers are using seat belts, did not cause serious consequences.”Seat belt is life belt.” If you do not use the seat belt according to the regulations, once an accident may happen, irreparable results may occur. Let’s look at a few cases.Without a seat belt on, two people in the back were thrown out of the car when it flipped over.Spring Festival holiday shu remind the majority of drivers friends please consciously abide by the traffic rules civilized safe travel 2022 Heze Traffic police accompany you all the way