Young woman was abandoned by biological parents, now his father suffering from cancer want to recognize back, foster mother: take 1 million for

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Affection, love, friendship, what is the feeling that life looks forward to?Not all parents love their children, not all parents are open to their children.Sometimes very cruel must admit, affection is desolate gesture, but for life, there is a lingering heavy.When I was young, I was adopted by my parents because there were too many girls in my family. When I was just born, I was adopted by my parents because there were already four children in my parents’ family.In addition to the four children, they are all daughters. Under the traditional dogmatic feudal rural background, which values boys over girls, Yingzi’s biological parents could not hold up their heads and had a heavy life burden.So they made a decision shortly after yaeko was born, which was to give yaeko away to the family of love.Adoptive mother Liu Xiangyun took over.Because she thinks Yeongko is very cute, and with her very destiny, although in their family is not short of children, already have two sons of their own, but still raise their own daughter.Young Yingko’s life in the adoptive mother’s home is carefree, the elder brothers as biological sisters, emotional intimacy, the elder brothers are also very spoiled sister.Sometimes people’s obsession is very magical. For example, when people are about to die, they always think of the things they regret. Yingzi’s biological father Zhou Xiaohua thinks so.Now, he has confirmed that his cancer is terminal and that time is running out.I thought of a daughter who had been lost and wanted to bring her back.Zhou Xiaohua found yingzi foster mother, detailed purpose and desire, did not expect a little room, directly let people rebuffed.Then the reason is that she had many children at home, also want to send Yingzi back to his parents, but the biological parents are not willing to accept, yingzi is also very cold, a face of disgust.So bite teeth, insist on their own upbringing, and yingzi when his own daughter, has now become a graceful.At the beginning of a hundred abandoned and abandoned, but now to find their own daughter did not want, this is not too beautiful is it?Yaeko’s adopted brother also feels that it is unfair to Yaeko, because yaeko herself may not be able to accept the fact that they have loved her as their own sister for years.Yaeko grew up healthy and happy under the protection of her brothers and is now an adult.The adoptive mother refused, saying that unless “take 1 million to” speaking of this matter, adoptive mother Liu Xiangyun is quite angry.She once said to Zhou Xiaohua husband and wife, want to recognize yingzi can also, unless take 1 million to tube.And Liu Xiangyun feel at the moment Zhou Xiaohua husband and wife want to recognize yingzi is a reason, the purpose is not pure.On the one hand, he was sick with cancer, and on the other hand, his other daughters were not mentally ill or living in poor conditions, and there was no one to rely on.So there was a desire to recognize her daughter.Liu Xiangyun is angry words, she does not want to take 1 million, just to scare them, stimulate them, because the 1 million zhou Xiaohua husband and wife is obviously not out.I just don’t like what they’re doing.Write in the back: really feel your mother’s practice is not wrong, the biological parents are too selfish, when they do not need yingzi, abandoned as a shoe.Now when you need to rely on this abandoned daughter, think of this to try, maybe there is a glimmer of hope?Perhaps the heart is not really because of affection.Sima Qian “Records of the Grand Historian” has written: the world is bustling for profit, the world is bustling for profit.Sima Zhao’s heart is still visible to passers-by.By contrast, breadwinners and older brothers are much more reliable.I hope yeoko will not be encumbered by parents of his original family and manage his life well.For biological parents, it is best to live their own lives, do not disturb each other, after all, there is no obligation to support them.What do you say?