Yibin section of Chongqing-Kunming High-speed Railway: No stop-work during festivals to ensure progress

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During the Spring Festival, the construction of yibin section of the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway continued in an orderly manner. Hundreds of builders stood at the construction site to ensure the steady progress of high-speed railway construction and related projects.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, reporters at the construction site of the fifth section of the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway saw that the workers here, as usual, with all their energy, hard work, fighting in the high-speed railway construction line.Li Huiyong, chief engineer of the first branch of the project department of the fifth section of The Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway of China Railway Third Bureau, told reporters that the fifth section has a total of five working points for the Spring Festival, and a total of 230 people stick to the site line.The Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway is a part of the Beijing-Chongqing-Kunming railway corridor of China’s “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway network, and is an important trunk railway in China.Among them, Yibin section is about 145 kilometers long, with 5 junlian stations, namely Nanxi Station, Lingang Station, Yibin Station, Gaoxian Station, Junlian Station, with a total investment of about 22.3 billion yuan.Construction units will start in December 2020, and yibin will be divided into four bidding sections, among which the fifth bidding section in Sanjiang New Area and Nanxi District is 36.7km in total, with a planned construction period of 54 months (December 21, 2020 — June 20, 2025). During the Spring Festival, the Longjiapang Bridge located in The Nanxi section of Yibin is under construction.Li Huiyong said: “the longjiapang bridge is currently being cast-in situ construction of continuous beam, the bridge is an 80 meters suspended continuous beam, the next stage of the schedule is more important to the whole line, we organized the site 3 teams of 41 workers in the Spring Festival to seize back the schedule, to ensure that the next year beam construction smoothly through.”Zhang Zhiqiang, 39, from Anyang, Henan province, is the construction team leader of the Longjiabang Bridge on the fifth section of the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway.In the construction of Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway, I was mainly responsible for the work of reinforcing bar binding and concrete pouring.Since coming to the project in March 2021, Zhang zhiqiang has been stationed at the construction site like a nail. Although he will not be able to go home for a reunion this Spring Festival, he has been able to contribute to China’s high-speed railway construction, which his family understands very well and he feels very proud.”Although we can’t get back home this year, we have prepared a reunion dinner on the construction site. We can celebrate the Spring Festival with our workmates and contribute to China’s railway construction, which is also a sense of happiness and satisfaction,” Zhang said.Zhou Lifu, who comes from Yunnan province, has been working on the project for less than half a year. He is also responsible for technical work such as reinforcing bar binding, welding and electric welding. Although he can’t go home for the Spring Festival this year, he is very happy to stay on the site to earn more money.Although the workers stick to the job, silently dedication, but in the heart of the most missing is home relatives.Busy gap, some of them will make a phone call with the family, some of the missing hidden in the heart, although people in the countryside, but never absent blessing.Zhang zhiqiang told reporters that he is most concerned about the family or the elderly and children, parents have more than 70 years old, the child is also small, the Lunar New Year I wish mom and dad good health, the child also grow up.Zhang zhiqiang and Zhou Lifu are among the many workers on the frontline of high-speed railway construction during this Spring Festival.It is with their sacrifice and pay that the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway project is promoted safely and efficiently.It is understood that the total length of the construction of the fifth bid in Chongqing and Kunming is 36.7km, the roadbed is 13.6km, 95% of which has been completed, and the bridge project is 23.3 km, 90% of which has been completed. There are two tunnels, one is 50 meters, the other is 780 meters, and 40% of the progress of the tunnel has been completed.Content source | Yibin reporter | Chen Yongbo Graphic editor | Mou Xi responsible editor | Zhang Yang