“The First Lake in northeast China” won the IDC Industry High-quality Development Award in 2021

2022-07-28 0 By

Report from our correspondent (dalian media group reporter wishes) recently, the current domestic the largest and most attendance data center industry, the industry’s most popular annual celebration – China IDC industry annual selection results were announced, lushun investment group holdings of HuaLu lake (dalian) data, won the “2021 IDC industry development, high quality”,It is also the only enterprise in the northeast.Located in Lushun District, Hualu (Dalian) Data Lake Industrial Park, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, is jointly invested and constructed by Beijing Yihualu, a listed company controlled by China Hualu Group, and affiliated enterprises of Lushun International Investment Group.Because it is the data lake with the highest investment amount and the largest industrial scale in Northeast China, it is known as “the first lake in Northeast China”.After completion, the project will rely on Hualu’s technical advantages in blu-ray storage and big data platform to provide the government, enterprises and individuals with lake storage, IDC cloud computing, data value-added, urban brain, big data application, park operation and other basic technical support services, effectively forming a big data industry ecosystem with data lake as the core.Source: Dalian Daily