Is the gold content of certificate of division of psychological advice now tall be necessary to take an examination of really?

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Applicants who meet one of the following conditions can apply for the examination of second-level psychological counselors :1. Applicants who have a doctoral degree certificate of their own specialty or related specialty;2. Have been engaged in this profession for more than 3 years after obtaining master’s degree diploma of this major or related major;3. Have been engaged in this occupation for more than 8 years after obtaining college diploma of this major or related major;4. Those who have worked in this occupation for at least 5 years after obtaining the tertiary vocational qualification certificate of this occupation;5. Intermediate level or above in psychology.1) to improve the quality of life, to strengthen their self-cultivation 2) to increase their professional competition soft power, so that their own career in their own career to get more space for development.3) Be more confident in interpersonal communication (know yourself and know your opponent)4) Better adjust your psychology in the face of difficulties or setbacks.5) Become a free mental health doctor for family and friends.(What is the use of public textual research to provide learning psychological consultants?)6) In the process of helping others, realize their own life value and interest.7) Improve work efficiency, give full play to their potential 8) master the method of psychological adjustment, so that they will always be in a good mental state, away from sub-health.9) It provides a sharp tool for solving the problems of marriage, family and children.10) After learning psychological consultants, you can constantly introspect yourself, fully understand yourself and transform yourself.Documents required for registration: ID card, academic certificate, paper application form (must be filled out and signed by the examinee)Download the paper application form, print the blank application form, and fill it out by hand.Fill in the electronic registration Form: Psychological Counseling training Comprehensive Examination Registration Form (electronic version) 3.Upload application materials, a total of 5 pictures