Guess lantern riddles, find fun intangible cultural heritage……Xiaoshan tobacco this “Auspicious tiger welcome New Year joy make Yuanxiao” garden activities are very meaningful

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Tomorrow, February 15, is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival.In The Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, there is not only a festive atmosphere, but also activities such as “Guessing lantern riddles”, “Finding interesting Intangible cultural heritage” and “Learning to strengthen the Nation” on February 14, which not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, but also carry forward traditional Chinese culture to a large extent.People are guessing lantern riddles in high spirits. This activity is the Lantern Festival garden party with the theme of “Auspicious Tiger welcomes New Year, Happy Lantern Festival”.Along with “together to the future” MV cycle playing, more than 300 colorful lanterns interlaced embellish, party building cultural park was dressed up with lanterns, particularly lively.It is understood that the Yuanxiao garden party in the construction of cultural park, a total of three activity areas, respectively is “guess lantern riddles”, “find fun intangible heritage”, “learning strong challenge competition” area.At the activity site, everyone first walked into the riddle guessing area and looked at the lantern puzzle hanging on the balloon.”In our ‘Lantern riddles area’, there are more than 150 riddles, which are related to knowledge about the Winter Olympics, traditional Chinese culture, popular science, law, epidemic prevention, fire safety, anti-fraud and current affairs.”The bureau related people told reporters that employees were attracted by the down-to-earth riddles, and enthusiastically guess the answers.”The limited-edition riddles for the 2022 Winter Olympics were all answered by the participants and popularised by each other.”The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be exciting and exciting for everyone, said an official of the bureau.So, everyone is participating remotely in their own way.On the other side, a game of throwing a pitcher was going on. Participants enjoyed the cultural atmosphere of the New Year and the joy of receiving prizes.The picture shows participants playing a game of pot-throwing in the “find fun intangible Cultural Heritage” area, which attracted many crafty party members.It is the year of Yin tiger, a red Fu Tiger in everyone’s scissors lively, lifelike.”I think paper cutting is very meaningful. As an intangible cultural heritage of China, paper cutting is a folk art that deserves to be inherited and carried forward by our young people.Now everyone’s pace of life is very fast, through paper cutting to let oneself precipitation is also a very good way!””Said Yu Chiancheng, a young Party member.And on the other side of the learning strong country challenge, we are going to challenge, activities in full swing, the scene from time to time burst out bursts of laughter, cheers.The picture shows that the contestants are seriously studying the power of the country against two people can not guess the end of the lantern riddles, cut the end of the paper-cut, touch the end of the blessing, the way of the festival.The relevant person in charge of the bureau said that everyone through participating in the “Yuanxiao garden party” activities, to further deepen the understanding of the traditional festival, feel the unique charm of traditional culture, in singing and laughing to celebrate a civilized, harmonious Yuanxiao Festival.