Dying Light 2 YYDS!Put on sale first day heat burst, 2000+ when elder player tears eye

2022-07-28 0 By

Hello everyone, this is the game, every day to bring you the latest hot game information.Just yesterday (February 4),’s players are looking forward to launch the dying of the light 2, like to play with friends all know that terrorist zombies subjects as open type of zombie survival game world “dying of the light in the heart of the player has been a very classic, even by some players call zombie the ceiling of the gaming world.The sequel also received unprecedented popularity on its first day. According to relevant data, the number of online players of Dying Light 2 reached more than 200,000 (245,553) on the day, which is far more than the number of online players of 45,876 on the first day of the original dying Light.Also, these numbers are only available on Steam, not on platforms like Epic.”Dying of the light 2” at the moment, well received by 79% on Steam, due to some problems, such as version bug reduces the score, lead to the player game experience is not so good, that part of the players to recommend watching friends official optimization such as good will buy later, although there are a lot of progress compared with generation, but dare not flatter optimization problem,Frame drop is very serious, the lag feeling is obvious, hope to follow up optimization in the later stage.Steam has a 79% positive rating, mostly positive, mixed, ———— in terms of the game experience so far on launch day, it is not as good as the first generation or even far behind.—— no matter how others say anyway I play did not run into a BUG pre-purchase not loss —— don’t look at, for old players to buy finished, longitudinal enjoy silk slippery ~ taste fresh friends suggest or go to experience the first generation, such as a discount to re-enter the luxury version (cost-effective, the official commitment to 5 years of renewal).—— a generation of 2000 hours of old players, holding the feelings to play this game, is good or bad can accept.But this game really blew me away.5900X +2080Ti, opened the official custom light chase special effects, beautiful screen explosion, stable 4K60, parkour action is extremely rich, NPC parkour has a model (all live recorded action) heard that the full collection of storyline at least 500h+, too much later to slowly explore, first leave a good comment in addition, this game before the sale,Designers have revealed that there will be many hidden eggs in the game, after this release, players can finally feel this open world zombie theme parkour game, in this game, there are careful players found related to resident Evil eggs, this link also let many players feel surprised.Finally, Dying Light 2 will be coming to Switch this year, so stay tuned.That’s all for this episode, what do you have to say about it?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!Pay attention to small games, bring you the latest hot game information every day!