Dare to block Huawei 5G announced grounding!Biden million did not expect, American airlines to biden a complete showdown

2022-07-28 0 By

In the past few years, The United States has tried its best to suppress Huawei, which has greatly weakened Huawei. Fortunately, Huawei has the backing of the state. The sanctions of the United States did not bring Huawei to its knees, instead, civil unrest broke out in the United States first.Chief executives of seven US airlines have jointly written a letter to the government demanding that telecom operators strictly regulate the deployment of 5G networks and keep a safe distance of at least two miles from airport runways, global Times reported.The airline’s reason is sufficient, in their opinion, 5 g network will affect the aircraft system once the 5 g signal into the airport is likely to lead to the plane within 2 km system malfunction, absorb light, or a serious accident, the problem involves every passenger’s life safety, so airlines will never compromise.Biden has been struggling with this for a long time. Some people may think that this issue is not difficult, but the safety of passengers is more important, as long as the US government and telecom operators give in and do not install 5G base stations near airports, but the problem is that THE US carriers can not do it.Huawei’s 5G-related technology is known to be among the best in the world, far ahead of other countries, even the DEVELOPED country of the United States. Huawei can accurately control the range of signals, but American operators cannot.Huawei is centimeter-wave technology applied to 5 g, this technique has the advantage of low cost, positioning accuracy, the huawei don’t, in order to to promote the high frequency millimeter wave technology, because the government forced America’s telecoms operators can only bow, and then the one pit, telecom operators and the airlines, so to speak is the contradiction between the government’s making.In fact, the US knows which technology is better. The US military uses centimeter wave technology, but it uses high frequency millimeter wave technology in the civilian field.Telecom operators and the airlines have a stalemate for a long time, airlines, mainly for security Angle to think, to take the initiative to avoid risk, while the telecom operators to consider costs, airport, covers an area of big, this to 5 g network base station construction added a lot of difficulties, airport traffic also many, for telecom operators is an important profit, operators don’t want to miss it.Now Mr Biden is caught in the middle. He cannot afford to offend either the telecoms operators or the airlines that are America’s mainstay industries.As long as the United States is willing to use Huawei’s 5G technology, all difficulties will be solved. With Huawei’s technology, 5G signal coverage will definitely be achieved while ensuring the safety of airline passengers.