Because they were eager to return, the live-streaming activity in Pizhou was very popular

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On January 30th, pizhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau hosted the 2022 “Hometown Construction and Sharing of Pizhou Talents” Pizhou Precision employment “Live post” activity, the interactive area atmosphere was warm.We will help returnees find jobs at home and recruit talents for enterprises.It is understood that the “live broadcast with guard” activity provides a total of nearly 1,000 jobs, a total of 30,000 views (times), accepted more than 1,500 post consulting services, online submission of 1,100 resumes.In the live broadcast room, the heads of five enterprises took turns to broadcast the recruitment positions “screen to screen”, and offered olive branches through salary, subsidy, training and other “tricks” benefits, attracting many job seekers to watch and participate online.Are you eager to know which companies are bringing the recruitment positions?Small make up for you on enterprise post published figure friend in need can contact unit of choose and employ persons to understand details left left left valley of southern jiangsu permanent magnet technology co., LTD. Xuzhou sun new energy co., LTD., jiangsu Kang Liyuan sports technology co., LTD. Xuzhou longxing Thai energy technology co., LTD., jiangsu embellish Yang precision manufacturing co., LTD. “the broadcast was the first time this year, with hills,It was also the beginning of Spring Breeze.In 2022, we will continue to step up efforts to help enterprises stabilize their jobs, and such activities will continue for a long time to achieve higher quality and more full employment.”City human resources and social security bureau labor and employment deputy director Shen Jun confidently said.Reporter: Wang Hui editor: Chen Ningning responsible editor: Huang Yang Suowei editor: Zhang Rui supervisor: Peng Bin Watch · recommended taste · Pizhou – agricultural business cup the first Pizhou food culture festival middle school, primary school, kindergarten winter vacation time, finally finalized!Pizhou civilized community, civilized corridor selection, voting or can get electric car……Eleven students from Pizhou received national scholarship!Attention to pizhou livelihood services pizhou people look at bai ~