8 minutes to lose two goals, lose li Xiaopeng fear class as a scapegoat, naturalization plan officially bankrupt

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On the evening of the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese national Team will face the third-to-last away game against Vietnam.As a result, the whole country is suffering.In the opening 8 minutes, Hu Jincai headed a cross from the Vietnamese side.China team away I’m afraid to hate Southeast Asia.It was clear that the players were not excited or focused enough.As a short player, the header is rarely used by Vietnam.China’s ball control in the front court is poor, and the defensive ability in the back court is not strong enough.Luo Guofu to Wu Lei’s pass was the latter hit fly.Luo Guofu was very upset, Li Xiaopeng was encouraged by applause.Wu Xi and Zheng Zhi are not in the same league.His control of the midfield of the Chinese men’s football team is a big problem.If the Chinese men’s football team loses to another low-profile team on the first day of the New Year, not only will the fans not be able to rest assured of a good year, but the players will also be besieged by fans online.Vietnam’s first goal results to 16 minutes into the game, the Vietnamese team in front of the goal again.Ruan Chin-ling easily advanced the goal.Maybe li Tie is drinking tea in front of the TV.Explanation says Xu xin’s defense has a problem, stick tight enough, and did not rob.Vietnam is like a different team at home.And the Chinese team is like a sleepless lion.Vietnam has lost 1-0 at home to strong teams such as Australia, which shows that Vietnam is not a fish in the water.The 2-0 deficit may have extinguished li Xiaopeng’s idea of good news for the Spring Festival.And the football association hasty change of the handsome, perhaps is the main reason for the defeat.The selection of handsome football association completely with personal preferences and choice, obviously is not feasible.The two teams attack you come and go, very lively, but The Chinese team can not get the ball, but also by the Vietnamese team scored two goals.Li Xiaopeng was very calm on the sidelines, without the passionate coaching style of Li Tie. Wearing a mask also prevented Li Xiaopeng from “learning to blow his hair”.Vietnam learned the essence of the Thai team.’13 Camacho’s 5-1 loss to Thailand was met with national outrage.As the 10th anniversary approaches, perhaps Vietnam will be another wake-up call.The second Vietnam goal the level of the national football team in the “dirty mess poor”, in addition to the first not accounted for, the other two accounted for all.This game will officially declare the naturalized player program bankrupt.Vietnam players like bullets like defense, Chinese players repeatedly fell to the ground, looked weak.Perhaps the Spring Festival away from home, fighting in other countries has become a pain in the heart of the wanderer, unable to give full play to the strength of the objective reason.Wu Xi’s early yellow card was a rehearsal for the two goals.Zhang Linpeng “looks back” and tries to get away from her opponent, but the ball is stolen.This is an epitome of the strength of the defence.I had a foreboding before the game, wearing a big white dress felt like a funeral, without the blessing of Chinese red, the players looked lonely.In the first half, China possessed 61 percent of the ball and shot six times, four times on target, while Vietnam scored two goals out of only four shots on goal.In the second half, I’m afraid the Chinese men’s soccer team will face a difficult 45 minutes, not only physically, but also mentally.Can’t Spring Festival reunion is already a pity, can’t win the game, is more torture.Do you think Li Xiaopeng should be dismissed?Who should lead the National football team?Do you think China can turn the game around in the second half?