1-2, lightning goal + lightning lost the ball + penalty ignored, The Spaniards were reversed, Wu Lei created a risk

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At 4am Beijing time on February 8, 2022, there was a very interesting match in the 23rd round of La Liga, by the eight-time Spanish champions Bilbao, ranked eighth before the match, versus the home team of Chinese striker Wu Lei, ranked 13th before the match espanyol.Bilbao team before the 31 points, 6 of the villarreal in war zones only 4 points, has a much better chance of champions theater, last 3 games all competitions they ushered in the three victories, including the king’s cup game two consecutive victory over Barcelona and real Madrid, visible they state quite well, but the Spaniard has 27 points before the game,Their last four games have been one draw and three defeats and they have not won in their last two visits to Bilbao, so they will certainly be more confident.Home bilbao team offering a 442 formation, by mulberry shetland, belem,, le, led by Simon, Vivian, at the same time, Mr, Mr Earl, raul Garcia also got a chance to start, in addition barron JiYaJia, Garcia, nico also starts to battle together, the spaniards offering out of the 4231,By dimata, Vigena, Dadell, Pedrosa co-lead the first, at the same time, Cavrera, Lopez, Moerlenes, Melendo also obtained the opportunity to start, in addition to hill, Puaduo, Gomez also started together, Wu Lei standby.In the third minute, The Spaniards got off to a fantastic start when Vigena took a knock from his teammate on the right and hit the ball into the top right corner of the goal from 12 yards.But in the fifth minute, Bilbao made a quick move from the back and sanchet equalised with a solo goal.The Spaniard was happy for only two minutes.Lightning throws a ball and brings a bitter fruit.In the 16th minute, Bilbao took advantage of a set-piece opportunity through Inigo and in 11 minutes, the Spaniards conceded two goals in a row.The Spaniard was denied a penalty in the 57th minute after a handball in bilbao’s penalty area was ignored by the referee.Wu Lei came on as a substitute in the 74th minute of the second half, his first appearance in eight La Liga matches.Wu Lei appeared after the creation of an opponent of a yellow card foul, a point also almost assist teammates to break the goal, can be said to build risk success.In the end, Espanyol away from the opposition reverse, la Liga suffered two consecutive losses plus four games without victory.Bilbao has won four games in a row.