Wuling Macro light stick reflective film was fined, the owner asked the traffic police: 1 million el law zha not fined?

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After buying a car, the first thing the car mainly do is in the window film, qualified film can prevent ultraviolet into the car, protect the privacy of the passengers in the car.Some owners deliberately stick dark film and reflective solar film, the purpose of the owner is no longer simple, they are in order to do some illegal things in the car.Now traffic police inspection frequency is higher and higher, focus on the object is the van.A lot of van drivers deliberately stick dark film and reflective solar film, in the car illegal passengers, passenger and cargo mixed, the van driver thought that the traffic police can not find, did not think just on the road was stopped by the traffic police.A traffic police in Chengdu found a suspicious van when checking the car, the van is attached to a dark reflective solar film, the owner saw the traffic police check the car quickly speed up the turn.The traffic police stopped the van and first asked the owner to show his identification, and then used professional equipment to test the light transmittivity of the film.After the inspection, the traffic police found that the light transmittance of the car film was less than 40%, and the traffic police gave the owner a fine of 200 yuan.Car owners feel that the traffic police’s punishment is very unfair, almost all vans will paste the sun film, some of the car paste the sun film is darker than their own color, why traffic police punish themselves not others?The car owner also gave another example to the traffic police, some luxury car stickers of the film is more excessive, a million Toyota Elfa with dark reflective film traffic police turn a blind eye, do traffic police also have directionality when sticking fines?Traffic police to film unqualified vehicles to fine trace, according to China’s motor vehicle operation safety technical conditions, vehicle front windshield model stripping rate shall not be less than 70%, side glass transmittance shall not be less than 75%.All vehicles are not allowed to use mirror film and reflective solar film, car film not up to standard authorities will be ordered to rectify immediately, a fine of 200 yuan.The harm of unqualified film: first, block the line of sight.Some owners use dark film, although this kind of film can block ultraviolet light, protect the owner’s privacy, but too deep film will affect the owners of the line of sight.When the car owner drives at night, the sight will be affected by the light, if the film color is too dark, the car owner will not be able to see the car outside.Second, not beautiful.Sticking film on the outside of the car is also a kind of beauty, some owners have a misunderstanding of the film, that the darker the color of the film is better.Car owners use dark film easy to affect the vehicle’s aesthetic, black film stuck on the window is like a piece of cloth on the face.Third, the interior temperature is high.Some owners posted the film color is too deep, summer driving when the dark film will refract the light of the sun, resulting in higher and higher temperature inside the car.This kind of film not only can not isolate ultraviolet rays, prevent sun exposure, but also have the opposite effect.Fourth, it affects your health.Some owners use inferior film, film quality is too poor, after sun exposure will bulge, but also emit a bad smell.The smell of formaldehyde and benzene emitted by the film will affect the health of the car owner.Edit comment: a lot of car owners paste dark film is not to keep out privacy, prevent ultraviolet light, but to avoid traffic police inspection car.I hope the owners can realize the harm of the unqualified film, not only in violation of traffic rules, but also bring safety risks, and the annual inspection can not be successfully passed.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete