Tang Xiaoping: strengthen overall planning to increase efforts to reflect the speed of enterprise development to create a first-class environment

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Tang Xiaoping emphasized to strengthen overall planning and speed to create a first-class environment for enterprise development when he investigated the construction of industrial parks
On February 14, in the afternoon, the district party committee secretary xiao-ping tang led research green chicken high-tech industrial parks and chongqing international logistics hub construction, he stressed that to thoroughly study and apply the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and the central economic work conference spirit, in accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision and municipal party committee work demands, strengthen the plan as a whole, increasing strength, speed, to create a first-class environment for enterprise development.District leaders Li Peng, Hu Yi, Ling Jian attended.Tang Xiaoping and his delegation went to the site of intelligent connected vehicle project of Well-off Phoenix Factory, Xinglongchang marshalling yard and new landing project successively, to understand the progress of relevant projects in detail, and to understand the development needs and problems of enterprises.Tang Xiaoping pointed out that efforts should be made to create first-class development ecology, so that enterprises grow strong, boost Shapingba in a new starting point to strive for a new map to become stronger, strengthen the “tidal Jialing, wind song music” high-quality development of the new situation.Tang Xiaoping stressed that a good industrial environment should be created.Focusing on “strengthening the leading group, reinforcing the chain and gathering groups”, the park will scientifically arrange and rationally optimize the industrial forms, accelerate the implementation of contracted projects, and promote the development of enterprises in groups and clusters.The working mechanism of “one enterprise, one special class”, “one collection” and “one dispatching” has been established to effectively relieve difficulties for enterprises and achieve “stable door opening”.To provide superior public services.We will move faster to build public infrastructure for industrial parks and projects, ensure that materials are imported and goods are exported, and encourage enterprises to speed up construction and expand capacity to reach production.We will make good use of tax and fee cuts, human resource services, and fiscal and financial policies to build platforms for cooperation between enterprises and universities and research institutes, and promote high-level access to innovative resources, so as to provide stronger support for the accelerated growth and upgrading of enterprises.Integrate education, medical and other resources, actively introduce modern service formats suitable for enterprise employees, create a good atmosphere for production and life, attract more enterprises and more talents through the superior comprehensive environment, and boost shapingba to accelerate its high-quality development.To create a fine urban environment.Adhere to the guidance of planning, concept first, carefully design urban landscape, create public space, promote urban organic renewal, promote urban organic growth, reflect the perfect integration of international style and chongqing flavor, modernization and original ecology.Adhere to the people-oriented, according to local conditions, in the “four seasons to see flowers”, green plants and greening, trail construction and other details, to create a pleasant, livable, livable and livable urban environment, so that enterprises and talents to Shapingba more recognition, more sense of belonging.District departments and heads of state-owned enterprises attended.