New drugs | phase III clinical results were announced, the first domestic new crown oral medications may be born

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On the morning of April 6, Pioneer Pharmaceutical announced that the key data results of the phase III clinical trial of the oral drug puklutamine developed by the company for the treatment of non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients have been released.The trial was divided into three groups, with patients taking the drug for at least one day, longer than one day, and longer than seven days.Pioneer concluded that the corresponding protection rates for procreamide in the three groups were 50 per cent, 71 per cent and 100 per cent, respectively.In the other three groups of middle-aged and elderly patients, both obese and with underlying medical conditions, prokluramide showed 100 percent protection.There were no serious adverse events.Proklutamine is an important drug in the development pipeline of Pioneer Pharmaceutical, and the indications in development include prostate cancer, breast cancer and so on.Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Pioneer pharmaceutical started clinical studies on its treatment of the disease after finding that proclotamine showed positive effects on patients.At the end of 2020, pioneer pharmaceutical shares in Hong Kong.The share price has soared from around HK $13 in February to as high as HK $89 on the positive news of the miracle drug.However, on December 27, Pioneer Pharmaceutical announced the results of an interim analysis of the phase III clinical trial of prokluramide, saying that there was no significant difference between the treatment group and the control group, indicating that the drug had little effect on COVID-19 infection, triggering a sharp drop in its share price.It is expected to be the first domestically made oral drug for COVID-19 if it goes on sale.But the data from the clinical trials are still pending, and drug approval is still pending.April 6, Hong Kong stock pioneer pharmaceutical opened high, intraday rose 230%, as of press, up 105.65%.Article | | Zhang Ling operation 20 # 13 pharmaceutical # # # if you poke amine