Journey to Forte City: The Greater Bay Area will meet the storm

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If say inside entertainment the most popular variety, non “the elder brother who break through thorns”.In the show, the “Bay Area Dream Five” with numerous fans, holding two big brands of strength and feelings, combined with humble and humorous personality and plastic Mandarin, are responsible for numerous jokes and hot spots of the show. They have also become an alternative spokesperson of “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, and “Greater Bay Area” has been frequently trending.These brothers have always been in a positive state, full of vitality and vitality across the years, just like the vigorous life attitude of the Greater Bay Area.* Schematic diagram is undoubtedly one of the three most valued urban agglomerations in China today.Guangzhou, as the hub city of the Greater Bay Area, sits firmly as the core engine, which will be the occasion of The Times.Guangzhou is steadily climbing up the ranks of the first tier of the world urban system. The window connecting the world is Pazhou, the starting point of the “Maritime Silk Road”, which has been carrying China and the world since ancient times.Since August 15, 2016, Guangzhou government proposed to set up Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Zone to create the core CBD area of the new District. At the beginning of this year, Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone was officially recognized as the provincial high-tech industrial development zone.Has brought together several giant headquarters – alibaba, tencent, fosun, millet, Vipshop, hkust xunfei, gome, sig pharmaceutical, baosteel, guangzhou daily, guangdong media, universal, winbond holdings, TCL, YY, guangdong finance, such as cosco shipping, pazhou, giant “agglomeration effect” in the future is limitless, under the grand blueprint of the large bay area,Pazhou will undoubtedly become the cover of Guangzhou in the next ten years, highlighting the vitality and height of the city.The omni-directional transportation system of multiple subways, urban rails and Hong Kong and Macao terminals enables Pazhou to instantly reach the future and siphon off global resources.It takes less than 15 minutes from Pazhou to Guangzhou South Railway Station via Guangzhou-Foshan Ring Road, and only 25 minutes from Baiyun Airport.Subway Line 18 and Line 28 converge here. These two high-speed subway lines efficiently connect Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan, Dongguan and Qingyuan across half of the Greater Bay Area.Several river tunnels have been built or under construction, connecting Pazhou with Pearl River New Town and City, so that the three core areas of Guangzhou are integrated and formed a joint force.The core radiating force of Pa Chau has penetrated into every corner of the Bay Area with the transportation network.Guangzhou Fosun International Center, West Pazhou C, the first bay area project of Fosun International layout, brings rich global office operation experience and provides industrial diversification model, by the trend of Pazhou development planning, galaxy Bay Area, meet the world.Fosun International Center is led by Gensler team, who designed Shanghai Center, the tallest building in China, to create a new “commanding height” of innovation cluster with Linjiang C site.Facing the Pearl River New Town, it not only has municipal park and artificial lake landscape resources, but also overlooks haizhu Wetland Park.At the same time, the interior planning to create leisure square and platform garden, in this office elite can be accompanied by the green river scenery, so that the work added a bit of leisure and leisure.The subway business seamlessly connects the office building and the podium business integrating shopping and catering, introducing international first-line Chinese and Western restaurants, banks, coffee shops and convenience stores to enjoy food and health while being efficient.A Home away from Home in Pazhou, what kind of life will the business travelers in Pazhou have after work?Frasers Pavilion Guangzhou, the top-grade serviced apartment managed by Forte Starbuilding with heavy investment in Guangzhou, creates a comfortable and luxurious “home away from home” for global high-end business travelers in the heart of Pazhou with “hotel-style management” and “home-style service”, presenting an international cloud lifestyle.Located on the 30th to 48th floors of Fosun International Center in Guangzhou, Fraser Suites Guangzhou boasts 231 fully equipped luxury suites and is expected to open in 2022.It integrates the urban charm of Guangzhou into the rich structural texture, creates an international living space with humanistic implication, and brings guests elegant and comfortable cloud life experience.We envision a fashionable, cloud-based life that is by no means confined to a corner of a room.The skyrim swimming pool on the 30th floor allows guests to wander freely in the clouds and water, immersed in a quiet and secluded atmosphere, releasing their spirits and enjoying the gentle moments of life.In addition, you can enjoy your passion and sweat in the gym, or have tea and chat with a few friends in the full-time restaurant to explore cantonese cuisine…Here you can enjoy the slow life of the new Guangzhou.The city skyline on the south bank of the Pearl River is perfectly formed. Fosun International Center stands in a forest among them, proudly ranking the top C landmark, enabling the industrial realization of the area.