In the New Year, the two unitary landscape painting came to Yuanling to hold “climbing pilgrimage” activities

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Huaihua News – February 6, the sixth day of the first month, the famous Eryou Mountain is bustling.On the same day, the last stop of the cultural tour activity of “The Taste of Xuefeng Mountain, the Seven Days of Spring Festival” — yuanling County “New Year’s Climbing eryou, landscape into the painting” pilgrimage was carried out in the eryou Mountain scenic spot beside youshui River.The activity is sponsored by the People’s government of Yuanling County, Yuanling County Deputy secretary of the County Party Committee, county people’s government yi Zhonghua announced that Yuanling County “New Year’s climbing two unyou, landscape painting to” the official start of the pilgrimage activities.At the opening ceremony, happy gongs and drums, lion encouragement successive performances, two you hole fire lit the flame, the flame set off in the green mountains and clear water;20 students in the scene under the leadership of the teacher wearing Hanfu for the opening ceremony, the teacher points zhu Sha Qi wisdom;Then, a hundred students recited the classic “Young China” in unison, expressing their love and expectation for young China and encouraging the students to make progress and shoulder the burden of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Torch stick pass, a symbol of the Chinese culture endless;”Climbing pilgrimage” means the New Year step by step, climb up.Finally, a vast and mighty team slowly boarded the shutianmen, straight up the two you hole;Burning bonfire, dressed in national costumes, elder brother and sister enjoy a happy dance, happy New Year.”Eryou Mountain in Yuanling is a sacred cultural mountain and a place where cultural inspiration gathers.”Zhang Yunxiao, the party secretary of eryou Miao township, said.The fire of five thousand years of Chinese civilization has been passed down from generation to generation, especially the Eryou Hill eryou Cave, which has played an important and irreplaceable historical task. Eryou library has protected and inherited the five thousand years of Chinese civilization.”When we climb eryou Mountain, we can feel the profound cultural deposits of ‘educated people with five cars and books’.”Participating in the activities of tourists have said that the two unitary mountain, physical fitness, far view of the unitary water scenery, enjoy the beautiful landscape at the same time, to help students learn like a tiger with wings, adults auspicious year of the tiger, New Year innovation brilliant.(Correspondent Qu Yun, Liu Chunyi, Jin Shusheng)