A man who boiled 5,000 litres of urine to extract gold has accidentally discovered a new substance that has benefited mankind for years

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Science is an amazing thing, sometimes some great discoveries are actually based on mistakes, or scientists accidentally discovered, the most typical example is Newton’s discovery of gravity.In fact, in addition to the apple fell on Newton’s head, there are many examples of science because of accident to achieve great results, such as the chemical element phosphorus, was discovered by humans because of an accident.Alchemy was once popular in western countries for a period of time, and they hoped to get endless wealth through alchemy, including a businessman named Blonde.At first, Blonder bought large quantities of ore, hoping to extract gold by smelting it.However, no matter how hard Blonder experimented, he could not get the gold he wanted. Because of this, Blonder gave up smelting ore to get gold and began to look for other directions.It was around this time that Blond realized that human urine sometimes turned golden. Did that mean that human urine could also produce gold?The idea may seem laughable in modern times, but in those days alchemists were willing to try anything to extract gold, and Blonder was just one of them.In order to extract the gold, Blonder began collecting urine on a large scale. After his friends and family had finished collecting urine, Blonder would even take to the streets to ask for it.Through his tireless efforts, he collected tons of urine.Blonder stores all his urine in his house, which stinks to high levels.But blonder didn’t care. After collecting enough urine, Blonder began her own experiment.After several experiments, Blonder failed to extract any gold. However, Blonder was not discouraged and attributed this to the insufficient amount of urine he used for his experiments.In one experiment, Blonder boiled 5, 000 litres of urine to ensure he got the gold he wanted.However, it is a pity that in this experiment, Blonde still did not get the gold he wanted, but in this experiment, Blonde unexpectedly got a new substance.At first, Blonder didn’t know what the white substance was, but at night, the unknown substance glowed white, which made Blonder cry out.Blonder named the substance “cold light” because of its luminous properties, and this “cold light” was actually phosphorus.At first, Blond didn’t reveal the presence of phosphorus, but the paper couldn’t contain it, and in one incident, it was widely known in the country that Blond had discovered an entirely new substance.After hearing the news, a number of researchers approached Blonder, hoping to learn from him how to extract the new material.In the face of the scientists’ expectations, Blonder did not want to publish his method.Undeterred, the scientists told Blonder that he would receive a large sum of money if he disclosed his methods.As it happened, Blonder had already squandered his fortune to collect urine. Seeing that others were willing to pay for their own method of extracting the new substance, Blonder agreed.It was blonder’s decision that led to the discovery of phosphorus.In fact, Blond was not a chemist. In the beginning, he wanted gold, so he experimented. Instead of gold, he accidentally extracted phosphorus.Whatever his original ideas, it is clear that He was the first to extract phosphorus, and it is for this that Blond will go down in history.With the development of time, people began to realize the importance of phosphorus, phosphorus is used in more and more places in our daily life, and scientists have even found that phosphorus plays a vital role in human health.If we don’t have enough phosphorus in our bodies, it means our bodies are not healthy.Some scientists unexpectedly found that there is phosphorus in the universe, which means that human beings are not alone in the universe, and it is highly likely that there are other life forms in the universe.If Blonder hadn’t discovered phosphorus, we wouldn’t be finding it now.Phosphorus is not the only element, there are a lot of substances in nature, in fact, human inadvertently discovered, a lot of scientific success, but also scientists in the experiment, the mistake to get.So in our daily life, we should be good at observation and discovery, maybe we can also discover the existence of a new substance.