3 kinds of flowers, raise well called “god”, raise bad is normal phenomenon, novice do not touch

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Flower is very pay attention to experience, so many novices in flower are on the entry to choose.In fact, a lot of novice flowers are not difficult to raise, but there are 3 kinds of flower market exception, put them well called “god”, raise is the normal operation, especially the novice don’t touch!What are the three kinds of flowers?One, rhododendron do not see rhododendron open when the flower branches flourish, but it is actually very fragile, the ability to adapt to the environment is very poor, lack of water will immediately wither, light is also very easy to dry up, but from the light on, rhododendron needs a scattering light, the light wants bright place again.If azalea leaves start to turn yellow, petals start to drop, may be the reason why the acidity of the soil is not up to, we need to change the water quality of watering, try not to water azalea with tap water, if the conditions are not suitable, first tap water, put a day or two before watering flowers.2, when hanging jin zhong upside down hangs jin Zhong blossom, can say is very expensive gas, especially when burst a basin, sway gently like a wind bell, such good-looking flower, after buying home actually, major can be faced with raise dead ending.Hanging upside down golden bells are particularly prone to flowers, leaves and root rot, so we have to make adjustments from watering.Flowering upside down jinzhong, be sure to water less, as far as possible not to water, if the home is really dry, do not go to the bud above the water.Inverted jinzhong is a very afraid of the sun plant, high temperature will be very afraid, so the position must be good ventilation conditions, and astigmatism, otherwise very difficult summer.Gardenia gardenia is an easy thing to keep dead, especially for novices. If you can keep gardenia for a year, it is simply a miracle.Gardenia flower the commonest problem, just bought namely when the meeting comes home yellow leaf, drop leaf, even fall a flower, do not raise easily.If you have bought gardenia to take home, it is recommended that you do not rush to maintenance, give it a sufficient time to adapt to the new environment before starting to care.To make gardenias adapt to the new environment quickly, we can start from the light above, do not water or fertilize the first two or three days, first give a proper light.Above 3 kinds of novice must not touch the flower, can raise good all call “big god”, see you now still stay in flower which stage?