There are so many rainy days in guangzhou in winter that it rains almost every three or five days

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Guangzhou has many water systems and high humidity. In winter, it is cold and dry in the north, and there is a difference between Guangzhou and Shenzhen in winter. Although Shenzhen is a coastal city, it does not have much rainfall in winter.The street delivery man is also very hard, often in the rain delivery.I was planning on delivering food, but the weather was daunting.No wonder the Huangchao army couldn’t stay in Guangzhou.Constant rain is not a good thing for self-made entrepreneurs or workers here, making it more difficult to work.Winter in addition to not snow, or relatively cold, no thick mattress basic frozen can not sleep, go out may want to wear a few more clothes.In the north indoor heating, you can wear short sleeves, and there is no heating in the south indoor need to wear down jacket.Guangzhou is near the southernmost location, it seems that migratory birds need to run to Sanya or southeast Asia for winter.This village in the border city is not expensive to eat, variety, from all parts of the country, do not worry about the wrong taste of the problem.There are also a lot of jobs, long-term and short-term workers here are easier to find employment, compared with the north.This is a good advantage, and there are more factories and companies.