The leaders are crazy

2022-07-26 0 By

Hi my friends. I can tell you that all leader men are crazy or mad, or even abnormal. Why? Hi, I can tell you that all the leaders are crazy, or deranged, or even weird!Why is that?Because they have some kind of creativity, which is based on the mad, crazy or abnormal concept.Because they all have a degree of creativity that comes from crazy, deranged, and even weird personality elements!If you are not crazy or mad enough, you can’t become those good leader, really.If you’re not crazy enough, or unhinged enough!Then you can’t be a leader!Really!Being a good leader, which require you to have those great creativity. And how can you have it? To be a leader, you need to be super creative!So how do you get that creativity?Of course you gotta be very abnormal to the ordinary people. Of course, you have to act very different from normal people!