Parents can apply for paid escorts if their children are isolated at home due to a confirmed diagnosis in the class

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Italian “Chinese street” news: recently many Chinese children have experienced a diagnosis in the class, suspension of school at home quarantine observation.When their children are out of school, parents are the most worried about them. They have to supervise their studies, prepare food, take care of their children and observe their children. Many parents have to leave home to accompany their children through the quarantine period.But parents don’t work and no stable income, and because of this reason, INPS concerned are provided in the website online contact with new crown children live together, because of confirmed cases and forced isolation, closed, parents of the children under 14 years old, shall be entitled to paid vacation, but not full pay, is 50% of the salary, such measures to alleviate the pressure of this brief,The measure, announced on January 8, 2022, confirms an extension of the application deadline to March 31.It is only for parents of children who meet the following criteria: 1. Ordinary children under 14 years of age, with no age limit for children with disabilities;2. Schools or classes ordered to be closed by ASL;3. Applicable to all schools and day care centers;4. Affected by COVID-19.There are two ways to apply, one is through the official website of INPS, using your account to log in and submit, the other can be submitted through CAF or the integrated contact center, sponsor organization.Congedo parentale lavoratori Dipendenti, Autonomi, Gestione Separata (Parent’s leave and parental leave) application on Inps portalHowever, you need to have a Level 2 SPID (Public Digital Identity System), electronic Identity Card (CIE) or National Service Card (CNS).2. Apply through the integrated Contact Center by calling toll-free 803.164 (toll-free from landline) or 06 164.164 (from paid mobile network, depending on the rates of the application of each operator);Use the services they offer for free through sponsoring organizations.So the street friend that has such circumstance in the home, do not give up his right, those who accord with the condition apply for quickly!Two weeks of isolation will save at least 50% of your salary.– Chicken Doudou, Italian Chinese Street