28 years of mistaken life: Du Xinzhi’s behavior of surfing the Internet, withdrawing from the Internet, and surfing the Internet again is suspected of being self-confessed

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Du Xinzhi is Du Xinzhi, although on the network by disdain, disdain and spit, but did not affect her mood for the New Year;Her latest photo shows her wearing fur and making a snowman in the snow with mother bear during the Spring Festival.In the picture, the two people are smiling and seem to be talking to each other.Although his own son Yao Ce died less than a year, but its mental state has been restored to the same as normal, such psychological bearing capacity is really admirable.In the wrong life 28 years of the case process, Du Xinzhi can row on the female no. 2, is a more key figure;She used to make a deep impression on people because of her quick mind, quick thinking, glib tongue and ability to make golden sentences.However, in view of the wrong exchange event 29 years ago, there are a lot of doubts and Du Xinzhi has a myriad of links, such as du Xinzhi with the birth permit in 1993 in 1992 huaihe Hospital, gave birth to a child in 1995;His daughter is alive and well just have intelligence problem, Du Xinzhi did death certificate for her however;Du xinzhi said she believed in Buddhism and once took young Guo Wei to Jiujiang in Jiangxi province to worship Buddhism.Do you know Guo Xizhi, the head nurse of Huaihe Hospital?”, she gave four different answers back and forth;All this has led to suggestions that this intelligent, daring and resourceful businesswoman may have been involved in, or orchestrated, a life-swapping scheme.Therefore, since the fermentation of the 28 incident, many righteous netizens have given incomplete disclosure and refutation to her abnormal behavior.However, Du Xinzhi has rich social experience and strong psychological bearing capacity, no matter how others evaluate themselves, she has maintained the appearance of the qing dynasty in every public opinion storm, seems to be the outsider of 28 events at all;Even if his own son Yao Ce died, adopted son Guo Wei and his gradually go gradually far, she is still a love of life attitude, is still a pair of irrelevant appearance!Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan spent the Spring Festival of 2022 in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province with their daughter-in-law Xiong Lei and grandson Kai Kai.During the period of Guo Xikuan’s birthday, Xiong Lei spared no expense to the luxury hotel for it, little Kaikai put on the birthday crown for grandpa, everyone sang the birthday song for Guo Xikuan, the atmosphere was full of laughter, so that Du Xinzhi was particularly satisfied.Xiong Lei began to carry goods for jingdezhen ceramics during the National Day last year, and may have made a lot of money, so it seems very grand to meet his in-laws for the Spring Festival this year. It is said that he bought a lot of gifts for the two old people, which made up for the deficiency caused by Yao Ce’s untimely death.Du Xinzhi looked satisfied more than once.After the Spring Festival, Du Xinzhi and his wife returned to Zhumadian, Henan province with their grandson Kai Kai. According to their cheerful attitude, they must have been in a good mood after the Spring Festival.Du Xinzhi is particularly able to torment, after a break, she opened the live broadcast, she revealed her in-laws bear mother can not speak Mandarin “secret” in the live broadcast, also said that later they will choose live with goods this way to make money, to prepare funds for the lawsuit.– When Tian Jing, the daughter-in-law of her adopted son, started broadcasting live last year, the behavior of Xiong Lei, the daughter-in-law of Du Xinzhi and her biological son, was thought-provoking;They said yao Ce bones are not cold, Tian Jing can not wait to eat the “Yao Ce human blood steamed bread”;Little imagine Tian Jing serves as the wife of Guo Wei, the daughter-in-law of Xu Min also is one of the key figures of wrong change life, have enough high attention, need not ceng yao ce’s heat completely!Now, Du Xinzhi to make live with goods, is to borrow the wrong life 28 years of heat case to make money, as for the wrong 29 years ago for the truth, she did not consider and investigation at all;This kind of double – standard, mercenary people are really annoying.Du Xinzhi to prevent Xu Ma tracing the truth of the wrong 28 years had a big fight.After the 918 trial, Pan Lv, Xu Dajiu xu Yong, Yao And Xunyang Yunhao once attacked everywhere and collected a lot of evidence that Du Xinzhi used false certificates to handle affairs. These clues together may form and improve the evidence chain that Huaihe Hospital changed life by mistake.Du Xinzhi could not sit still, immediately led xiong Dad, bao village cadres and others went to Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province xu Min unit trouble in Tiangong, also complained to Yao dad Yao division soldier leadership, said he used his power for personal gain, xiong Lei’s father to arrange work, as a result, let his in-law lost his job;But did not prevent Xu Min to trace the footsteps of the truth.On January 2, 2022, Du Xinzhi announced to withdraw from the network on the grounds of poor health and rest at ease, he will wait for the results of the 918 trial, but also his innocence.– After the real estate fight in Jiujiang, the momentum was not right. Yao Ce’s Cousins, Du Fanlanmao and Jinguo ‘er announced their withdrawal from the Internet one after another. However, du Xinzhi also announced her withdrawal from the Internet when the Spring Festival came.Some netizens said Du’s actions amounted to the best New Year gift for netizens who have been following the incident.Since du xinzhi opened her social media account in June 2021, she has continuously published short compositions, or criticized her adopted son Guo Wei or missed her biological son Yao Ce, but has never called for anyone to find the truth, nor published an article about the truth of the incident.Now, Du Xinzhi after a happy Spring Festival, instant Internet, can’t wait to announce that they want to do live with goods, still do not mention to find the truth!If a normal person, his child was wrongly changed from birth, will certainly try to find out the details of the wrong change to explain to himself;However, Du Xinzhi has never mentioned searching for the truth whether she gets online or returns to the net. What can we not understand through a series of abnormal behaviors?– Earlier, when Yao Ce got liver cancer, Xu Min wanted to cut the liver to save her son, after blood matching to know Yao Ce is not his own flesh and blood;Even so, the nurse xu min yao didn’t give up on strategy of treatment, yao still treatment for all, and after having found the biological parents yao ce Guo Xikuan with du sections – this makes yao in liver with source, make yao ce continuation of life, however, du hydraulic-powered tree-trimmers said there was something wrong with his liver, and cannot provide source of liver, Guo Xikuan is the only family healthy people,Can not provide liver source for Yao Ce, simply devoid of Yao Ce hope to live.Based on the wrong exchange case, we know Du Xinzhi, feeling that she is an alien, there is no normal feelings of human beings on earth;Now we do not investigate the medical records altered by Huaihe Hospital, do not analyze the four golden flowers in the 918 trial of Huaihe Hospital, do not pursue the motive of Du Xinzhi’s use of false certificates;Only by analyzing her online, online, online behavior motivation, we can understand that once the wrong seat is stolen, Du Xinzhi certainly can not escape from the involvement!