@Weihai citizens, suspension notice

2022-07-25 0 By

The majority of drivers, car owners friends:For best COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work, effectively avoid the risk of spread the virus that causes because of the crowd gathered, and earnestly safeguard the people’s life safety and body health, according to the demand of our city the epidemic situation changes and the superior weihai city public security bureau traffic police detachment vehicle management to adjust horse tube business to handle relevant matters, specific notice is as follows:I. From April 6, 2022, Weihai DMV and Gaoqu Service station will suspend on-site business.Two, 24-hour self-service DMV, smart police station, smart security experience center also suspended services.Iii. Advocating “online handling” of vehicle driving management business, you can log in to the Internet Traffic Safety Integrated service management platform (or the traffic management app 12123APP) to handle part of the vehicle driving management business on the Internet without contact.We will dynamically adjust the prevention and control measures and business handling requirements according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the requirements of the superior and make timely announcement. The specific date of the resumption of on-site business handling will be announced separately after the determination of the deployment requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Please pay attention to the public account “Weihai Auto Management Online” for relevant information.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. Please consciously abide by relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support and cooperation.This is to inform weihai Public Security Bureau traffic Police Detachment vehicle Administration Bureau on April 5, 2022