Stone Head: There will be 200 new members of the elk family

2022-07-25 0 By

Jingzhou News (reporter Wang Zhangqing) As the Yangtze River protection concept continues to be deeply rooted, the Yangtze River in the middle reaches of the unique wild deer population is growing.The shishou Milu Deer National Nature Reserve is home to the world’s largest population of wild milu deer.At present, it is about to enter the peak season of milu deer calving, and experts estimate that more than 200 newborn milu deer will join the wild milu deer population this year.On April 7 th, the weather was fine.In the reserve, the elk are foraging and resting on the beach.Among them, a few newly born young milu deer are walking behind their mother, and many female deer are walking or lying in the grass.In recent years, the reserve has always adhere to the “maintaining the natural property elk life habits, maintaining the natural property milu deer habitat and maintenance reserve ecological landscape of the natural attribute of the same” concept, and completes the milu deer habitat protection, has been a steady rise in number of milu deer, elk habitat continues to improve, to form the world’s largest wild elk population.As the elk population continues to increase, so does the elk home.This year, Shishou decided to give back 8,000 mu of land to milu deer to settle the conflict between people and deer.At present, the transfer of 8,000 mu of buffer zone land is progressing in an orderly way, and it is expected that the land use rights will be fully delivered to the protection zone in the first half of this year.In the next step, the reserve will vigorously improve the level of information management.At the same time, it strengthened cooperation with huazhong Agricultural University to establish and improve the early warning and prevention and control system of milu deer disease.