River workers “retrieved” property alarm police search for “trace” owners return

2022-07-25 0 By

River worker Li found a down jacket while salvagingfloating debris in the river. He found RMB cash, bank cards, driving license and other items in the pocket of the jacket, so he called the police.The police contacted the owner according to the driver’s license information and returned his property.At about 11 am on January 27, 2022, mianyang Special police Detachment Patrol Brigade 2 received a river worker Li reported to the police, “I found a down jacket in the river, money in the pocket, bank cards, driving license and other items, the police need to help deal with”.The police arrived at the scene and opened the law enforcement recorder to clean up and register the items.As it was wet by the water, the RMB cash was not damaged. The police carefully spread it on the stone ladder to dry.Subsequently from the driver’s license information to contact the owner Mr. Hu.Mr. Hu, the owner who rushed to the scene, told the police: “Last night when I passed here, I accidentally dropped the down jacket I was holding into the river, and went home without finding it.”When Mr. Hu received his recovered property, he thanked the police and the river worker, Mr. Li.(Patrol Group 2: Yang Dehua)