Residents of a community in Shijiazhuang get “year-end welfare”!Income from elevator advertising fees

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Each household 10 catties rice 10 catties noodles!After more than a month of efforts, Shijiazhuang City international city residential area (phase 12 and 3) industry authority for more than 2,000 owners to release more than 40,000 pounds of rice, noodles have finally been released, industry authority members are also a long sigh of relief, see happy to receive rice noodles residents, we all feel that their hard work is not in vain.On the morning of February 20th, with the last batch of rice and noodles being taken away, welfare distribution finally came to an end.Hong Qi, a member of the industry committee, said welfare payments began a year ago and were purchased for residents out of the community’s public income.More than 40,000 jins of rice, face, statistics, transportation, distribution of work is very large, these work are industry authority members squeeze time to complete the obligation.Hong qi said that residents are busy at work and pay little attention to the community’s public affairs.This welfare distribution is also organized to let the owners know: “We have a public benefit!”In order to arouse everyone’s awareness of rights protection, I hope you pay attention to, support industry authority work.According to the semi-annual report of income and expenditure of the community public account published by the community industry Authority (2021.7.1 — 2021.12.31), the income of the community includes “one spring every day”, “mass elevator advertisement”, “basement advertisement”, “club rental”, “light box advertisement” and “fixed parking fee on the ground”.A total of 304092.19 yuan.Industry authority member introduction, public income 30% property, 70% into the community public account, for the community public expenditure.Last year, for example, The International City (Phase 123) added a license plate recognition system and high-definition cameras in public areas. This time, the rice and noodles distributed to everyone were also paid out of public accounts.Industry authority 9 members are enthusiastic community public affairs residents, they do not take a penny of wages for everyone’s service, and sometimes even pay money, in recent years will continue to recover public benefits from the hands of the property company.Zhao Jifang, director of industry authority, said that the current industry authority was established in 2018, it began to recover public revenue, but because of touched the interests of the property, the initial property company simply ignore them.To this end, Zhao Jifang and others thoroughly understood the civil Code, Property Management Regulations, owners’ Assembly and Owners’ Committee guidelines and other laws and regulations. Through unremitting efforts, they finally organized the property reelection in 2020, fired the original property and elected a new property.Industry authority establishment and recycling public income process, industry authority members have paid a lot of time and effort, but there is still not understood.”Some people sneer at us and suspect that we are pursuing our own interests. I have been discouraged for a while.”Industry authority member Hong Qi said, but then we still encourage each other to stick to it.Industry authority opened a community public account, by the property and industry authority jointly supervised.In 2021, industry authority with public revenue to the community to install the license plate recognition system, standardize the parking order;The original analog signal camera was replaced with a digital high-definition camera, after which there were fewer incidents of theft and car pulling in the community, saving police resources;Part of the income is also used to repair damaged areas and make the neighborhood better.Property services are not in place, industry authority will also give the property “rectification notice letter”.”Individual owners are in a weak position with property companies.And the existence of industry authority, can restrict the property company, so that it must be recognized by the owners through quality service, otherwise it will be replaced.”Zhao Jifang said.Article 282 of the Civil Code stipulates that the income generated by construction units, property service enterprises or other managers using the common part of the owners shall be owned by the owners after deducting reasonable costs.International city industry authority members told reporters that there are still many areas in our city without industry authority, public revenue is not transparent, may be the property company interception.And industry authority can regulate the public income, for the community “self-renewal” benefit residents.Community is the basic unit of the city, looking forward to our city more community can set up industry authority, let our home better.Source: Shijiazhuang Daily