With 15 patents in hand, she could have had enough food and clothing, but she gave up her high salary and decided to return to China.

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She used to be a senior engineer at a well-known US electronics company that rose to the top of the industry thanks to her research, but in 2008, inspired by her homeland, she gave up the chance to continue her promotion and returned to China to become a doctoral supervisor.When she made this decision, the Scientific community in the United States did not understand why she would give up her annual salary of millions of dollars and a mansion to take students back to China.With 15 patents in her hand, she can rest easy without having to work for the rest of her life.But how can americans understand her determination to help China’s development?The scientist called Lin Yuan, today and everyone to talk about her in order to return to the country, how to give up the superior conditions?And Lin Yuan is in her field, what kind of position is having again?Lin Yuan was born in 1973 to a poor family in Guilin. Her parents were ordinary farmers, which made Her very thin and weak at an early age, and she never grew up.However, compared with the playful character of other children, what She liked most was reading books. Although the conditions at that time did not allow her to access more books, as the saying goes, reading books for hundreds of times has its own meaning. Even primary school textbooks have also cultivated Lin Yuan’s stronger and stronger logical ability.Science was Lin yuan’s favorite class, as it covered many “magical” situations in nature, which made her decide to become a physicist.However, unlike many talented scientists, Lin Yuan did not show great talent in learning when she was young. When faced with a difficult question posed by her teacher, she once scratched her head and could not figure out the answer all afternoon.However, as the saying goes, diligence can make up for incompetence. Perhaps it is because she knows her talent is limited, so Lin Yuan worked very hard after she went to junior high school. She often solved a math problem in different ways before she could sleep with satisfaction.After a few years, Lin Yuan has become a top student in her grade from an average student.In high school, under pressure from her parents, she chose science subjects that many girls avoid.Actually, her parents never thought daughter will become a scientist, in their vision, Lin Yuan in liberal arts, later when the employee, or when the teacher, also is a life of stability, and in their understanding, science is all boy’s world, Lin Yuan a talent is not a good girl to gather together what busy?Also because of such, “disobey” the Lin Yuan of parental idea also produced not small contradiction with the family for a time, look nevertheless in her, the dream that becomes a scientist at a young age is close at hand, oneself had worked hard for this for so many years, should not give up more.In 1991, Lin yuan was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) as the number one in Guangxi. After receiving the admission letter, she enrolled in physics without even thinking about it.So far, After 12 years of hard work, Lin Yuan has finally achieved a small part of her dream.However, the road to pursuing her dream is bound to be not smooth sailing. After entering the university, Compared with her elite classmates, Lin Yuan was neither smart nor knowledgeable. Even her achievements, which she was proud of, were not dazzling, which made her very introverted for a time.Of course, from another point of view, Lin Yuan’s state at this time is undoubtedly very beneficial to her study. Perhaps there are not so many psychological ups and downs brought by social interaction. Lin Yuan often sits in the library for a whole day, and when she is not in the library, she pours bottles and cans in the laboratory.As she solved one problem after another, Lin yuan realized that the content of her undergraduate course was too simple. On the one hand, she taught herself the knowledge of electronic components.On the other hand, she also secretly determined not to read the doctor graduated, vowed not to leave the University of Science and Technology.In 1999, Lin won her doctorate in physics.Arguably, at this time, she, it is time to make into the institute, however, spent so many years in the laboratory, Lin Yuan dream also in constant evolution, at the same time, she also realized that the science is to learn, and she just touches the fur of physics, now want to achieve more ambitious dream, still have to continue their education.At this time, the University of Houston also sent Lin Yuan an invitation letter, hoping that she could go to the United States for exchange and explore another path.It is well known that the American scientific community is indeed very powerful, which is why Lin Yuan accepted such a good opportunity without thinking.However, after coming to the US, Lin yuan realized that although the US provided her with research funds and accommodation, she still had to pay her own way to live.However, her parents at that time were old and had supported her education for so many years, so Lin yuan could no longer ask for money from the family, and had to work while studying to finish her education.To the conventional understanding of scientists, they are elegant and never worried about money, but Lin Yuan was often very busy. In the morning, she still earned living expenses in the laboratory, and in the afternoon, she had to return to her own laboratory and spend half a day to finish the day’s work.Of course, Lin Yuan, who was used to the poor life since childhood, did not feel much pain. Meanwhile, she also accumulated a lot of contacts by going to and from several laboratories, and her research experience and level improved faster than other students.For this reason, the NATIONAL Energy Laboratory of the United States offered Lin yuan an olive branch before she finished her studies, hoping that she could achieve more in her field.In fact, Lin Yuan had wanted to return to China immediately, but the laboratory could be said to gather the top scientists of the time, which is very attractive to scientists like Lin Yuan who are dedicated to academic research. On the other hand, her research project is almost successful, so she pressed the impulse to return to China.Lin Yuan studies a wide range of fields, including not only cutting-edge technologies such as high temperature superconductivity and giant magnetoresistance, but also applied sciences such as strain silicon and ferroelectricity.During her years in the US Energy Laboratory, Lin Yuan gave full play to her research characteristics. In just a few years, she published more than 30 highly professional papers, each of which can be said to overturn the existing level of cognition.At the same time, he also received four U.S. patents, four Chinese patents, and seven other patents.It also means that she no longer has to worry about money after working part-time.In 2006, Lin Yuan was invited to work as a chief engineer at a US technology company, and her patents turned the company into a leading presence.Besides her enterprise, the US government also immediately issued a green card to Lin Yuan and provided her with generous funds, hoping that she could continue to work in the US in the future.In fact, Lin Yuan’s parents had advised their daughter not to come back if she was happy in the United States.In 2008, however, an event accelerated Lin yuan’s desire to return to China.This year, the wenchuan earthquake shocked the world, at that time, the whole country was sending materials to the disaster area, which slowed down the development of scientific research.Considering this problem, Lin Yuan resigned from her post as chief engineer without a word, and resolutely set foot on the journey back to China under the tough persuasion of the United States.After returning to China, Lin Yuan entered a research institute in Sichuan province, and later she was also invited to serve as a doctoral supervisor in a university. Although at this time, she still had a certain gap compared with the United States in terms of economy, But Lin Yuan said calmly that during this period of time after returning to China, she gained the greatest affluence in her heart.Now, Lin Yuan’s college courses have trained many talents in the field of electronics in China, and in 2014, she won the first prize of Teaching Achievements in Sichuan Province.In fact, from another point of view, for Lin Yuan, who has been used to suffering since childhood, the temptation of the United States is obviously much greater than other people, but even in this case, she still gave up everything abroad to help the motherland through difficulties in her own way.I have to say that scientists like Lin Yuan, in addition to excellent research ability, her pure heart is priceless wealth.