The latest!”Top 10 Consumer rights protection public opinion hot spots in 2021″ has been released

2022-07-24 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year of 2022, The China Consumers Association and the Public Opinion Data Center of People’s Daily Online jointly sorted out the “Top 10 Public opinion hot spots of consumer rights protection in 2021” based on the calculation results of big data and public opinion’s social influence. The ten hot spots are as follows:Automakers 01 “roof activist” incident services vulnerabilities 02 to teach culture organization frequency would run and refund the wave 3 individual multinational enterprises unreasonable refused to xinjiang products enroach on consumer rights and 04 minors online overextended problems mount 05 catering brand stores food safety events concern 06 consumer personal information “streaking” problems 07Video platform ahead “on demand” is referred to as “routine” have cancelled 08 09 “web celebrity” merchandise is excessive marketing luxury brands at home and abroad return policy “double standard” lead with 10 electric business platform “pet living blind box” infringement risk we hope by combing topic list and reading hot spots, cause the social from all walks of life focus on consumer rights protection issue,We will further unleash the potential of consumption and make better use of its basic role in economic growth.See the following figure for details: Source: China Consumers Association