Super Bowl debut polar Star kickoff 2022

2022-07-24 0 By

The day after tomorrow, February 13, America’s most popular sports event will kick off the Super Bowl, and this year’s Super Bowl has a new car brand, Polestar Polar Star.Pole star official confirmed yesterday will be on February 13, made its debut at the super bowl the brand promotion, promotion, the core of the model, is a flag of high-performance electric pole star 2, according to the pole star official introduction, the AD also USES the minimalist style, in black and white colours of minimalism to convey a star brand information.”We are excited to present Extreme Star at the super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the world,” said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Extreme Star, introducing the super Bowl. “We are an ambitious young brand.From design to performance to sustainability, we always adhere to the principle of ‘no compromise’.The Super Bowl is the perfect vehicle for Polar Star to further promote its brand in the United States and beyond.”How high is the price of this ambition?The price of an AD for the 2022 Super Bowl, the most popular event in the United States, dropped to $5.5 million in 2021. This year, however, the price of an AD for the super Bowl has soared.All the super Bowl spots are sold out.In addition to polar Star’s first Super Bowl appearance, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Budweiser are all regular super Bowl attendees, while Toyota, Honda and Ford are among the auto companies that have also made super Bowl appearances.In addition to the surge in advertising prices, this year’s Super Bowl ticket prices have also skyrocketed. According to the comprehensive information, the lowest single ticket price is currently $5,300, while the price of a package ticket has skyrocketed to $906,000 — which is not just for watching the game.After watching the package ticket prices, look at advertising prices don’t seem so wide of the mark, after all, for such new high-end brand pole star, open stance will be the key to the future, in first year as a formal power, pole star brand plan in this year’s third pole star 3, the new model will this is a in China and the United States a simultaneous production of high-performance electric luxury SUV.In addition to the pole star 3, the official also disclosed the pole star, the appearance of the pole star 5. 4, the next time, pole star brand will launch a new car every year, and follow the growth of new programs, and pole star brand sales target, the past 2021 years, the pole star 29000 new vehicles were sold in 19 markets around the world, and is expected before the end of next year,Polar Star will expand its market coverage to 30 countries and territories, and will have 150 retail outlets worldwide by the end of this year, up from 100 last year.In The Chinese market, Polar Star achieved 471% sales growth in 2021 and has 20 retail outlets.Globally, Polar Star sales grew 185% year-on-year…The key is that at the beginning of this year, Polar Star will also complete the backdoor listing in the United States, so it is obviously a very good choice to start the year with a big deal and the brand’s need for a fast start.Author: Liu Yingly