Sui/Han Cong: This is the best arrangement

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After winning the competition, Sui Wenjing faced reporters and said several times: “This is the best arrangement!”From silver in Pyeongchang to gold in Beijing, she said it was a goal she set four years ago.”I want to say, when everyone tells you that this path is blocked, don’t be afraid, don’t be anxious, just create your own path and always be the best you can be!”Sui Wenjing and Han Cong two people support each other to walk 15 years, they walk through injury and illness together, the tacit understanding in the life is more and more also.Sui Wenjing revealed that before playing, Han Cong said to her a “share weal and woe”, let her tears on the spot, “I can’t do things myself, but we can!”Say that finish two people hand in hand to play, one fell swoop to win.Figure skating started early, from team to pairs skating, throughout the whole process of the Winter Olympics, Han Cong admitted that he once felt anxious, “Watching my teammates in other events win MEDALS one by one, I feel anxious, I feel anxious, I feel anxious, I feel anxious.But the coach told us, ‘The Chinese team is so good now. If you skate well, it’s the icing on the cake. If you don’t skate well, keep working hard and show the Olympic spirit in your mind.'”The coach’s words soothed the mood of the two, and ultimately created a good night.”We realized the dream in your own home, play nicely, the” double the city “in Beijing, we got the gold medal, the icing on the cake, for the Chinese delegation is proud and honor, thank you very much for the motherland, to bring this such a wonderful Olympic Games, thank you very much for the opponent to the game together, is the love of all, let’s unite together,To express the Olympic spirit in my mind.”Sui Wenjing has been repeating “this is the best arrangement” this sentence, she gave two people today’s performance dozen “12 points”, “yesterday to skate, today to skate, everything is the best arrangement, although there is a little mistake, but not perfect is perfect.”She revealed that the pair won their first senior competition in 2010 at the head. “Coming back here feels like coming home!”Zhao Hongbo, head coach of figure skating team, also described the Capital Stadium as a “lucky place”. “We used to live in this stadium for many years, and we never lost any championships in this stadium, including the first gold medal won by the short-track team, and the national flag raised again and again by our brothers.””Other partners had a height difference of 20cm, but we only had a height difference of 7cm. During the process, we also overcame a lot of injuries. We should be the athletes who had the most surgeries in this Winter Olympics.When I had the surgery and, two legs is each person’s help, let’s come out from injury, and to get the gold medal, this is a good moral, this time we restart the “golden bridge” this song, just want to tell good stories, especially now that the moment, friends or family may not be together, you in a bad mood or the body uncomfortable,We can’t stand beside our friends and family. Our program is to be like a bridge, to hug you and help you out when you are lost. We believe that there will always be a person in the distance to support you and get out of the haze.”Twelve years after Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won gold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong topped the pairs skating table again.SuiWenJing coach was seen on television, were infected, zhao is also their idols, “had the opportunity to make idols taught me, I was the most successful, this also is a kind of inheritance, this time also have my fans at the winter Olympic Games in the game, the Japanese girl, the future hope can infect more people fall in love with ice and snow, and this is not for pairs of the final gold medal,We will create more miracles.”Source | yangcheng evening news · guangzhou send pictures | xinhua coordinating editor | jing-song liang