Huancui District, Weihai City: Strengthen the foundation of real economy and deepen innovation-driven development

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Qilu net · Lightning news January 27 – the real economy is the cornerstone of regional economic development, entity prosperity is economic prosperity, entity strong economy strong.District 16th Party congress proposed to build solid economy foundation, focus on building high-end industrial system.Implementation of cultivating advanced manufacturing industry cluster, to develop new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, biological medicine and so on characteristics, strongly promote park rise of breakthrough project, a new enterprise impact new target action, in-depth implementation of the system of chain length, the implementation of small micro enterprise growth plan, guide the enterprise specialization, “new” way.Huancui District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Party Secretary, director Zhang Jichao said: “The district Bureau of industry and Information Technology will continue to optimize services for enterprises, take the initiative to help enterprises understand policies at all levels, strive for more superior support, to help enterprises solve development problems;Formulate plans for the cascade cultivation of key enterprises, and speed up the cultivation of a number of manufacturing single champions, little giants, gazelle enterprises and “specialized and special new” enterprises;We will continue to enhance the supporting capacity of industrial Internet applications, improve the level of enterprise intelligence and digitization, and contribute to the strength of industry and information technology to create a delicate, happy and vibrant demonstration area for common prosperity.”Zou Likai, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Zhangcun Town, said: “Zhangcun town will strictly implement the ‘to implement the cultivation of advanced manufacturing cluster action’ work requirements, in accordance with the idea of ‘project agglomeration, agglomeration park, park characteristics’, strongly promote the total investment of 6.56 billion yuan of 20 key industrial projects;Pay close attention to weiqiao (Weihai) Aluminum Intensive Processing Industrial Park, Liandong U Valley and other high-quality parks, establish a “principal responsibility system” professional management system;Support the head enterprises to carry out the vertical integration of the whole industry chain, guide small and micro enterprises to take the road of ‘specialization, special and new’, to create exquisite, happy and vibrant common prosperity demonstration zone to contribute to the strength of Zhangcun.”The ocean is the biggest characteristic, advantage and potential of huancui.The 16th party Congress of the district proposed to strengthen the blue leading development strategy.We will pay more attention to the management of the ocean, accelerate Marine scientific and technological innovation into the “deep blue”, focus on the “investment selection” article, and do a good job in the integration of Marine primary, secondary and tertiary industries.We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the service sector, focus on both production and consumer spending, and continue to foster and upgrade the modern service sector with modern finance, science, innovation and research and development as its driving force.We will promote producer services to become more specialized and reach the higher end of the value chain, speed up the construction of regional financial centers, continue to give play to the role of building economic information management systems, and advance consumer services towards facilitation, refinement and quality.”The ocean is a strategic place for high-quality development, and we should strive to achieve innovative development of the Marine industry.”Huancui district Marine board, party secretary, director Yang Yachen said, area Marine board will be taking the depth into the international Marine science and technology city construction, to speed up the pace of far remote shallow sea bay area of science and technology development, to the national Marine integrated proving ground province department as an opportunity to build cooperation to strengthen the construction of maritime proving ground, promoting Marine equipment industry innovation and development of electronic information and intelligence.We will vigorously foster and strengthen the modern Marine industrial system, implement the Deep Blue Campaign for mariculture and the Marine Seed Industry Optimization Plan, put into operation the intelligent breeding cages for Atlantic salmon in the North Yellow Sea and the Marine pasture service platform, and promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary Marine industries.Continuous influx of Marine science and technology strength, continue to cultivate xinghai technology innovation power, the secretary of the party working Ding Qian saying Tuan street, said: “saying Tuan street far away will advance shallow bay area of science and technology ZhaoCaiYinZhi work, active docking state and universities for space science and technology, and focus on two big ocean electronic information and intelligent equipment, more than 10 strives to introduce high quality project.Vigorously promote zhou Wenlong high performance friction materials and other projects to be settled in Sunjiatan Industrial Park, and do a good job of “achievement transformation” article.Explore “ocean + cultural tourism” and build a whole industrial chain of Marine tourism represented by Marine pasture;Do ‘ocean + education’, expand the science and technology innovation research mode of Blue Bay Marine Science and Technology Museum, ‘Cloud innovation science and education’ and other projects, contribute sunjiazuan strength to create exquisite, happy, vibrant common prosperity demonstration area.”Innovation is the “maximum increment” for high-quality development.The 16th Party Congress of the district proposed to deepen the innovation-driven leadership, focus on cultivating the highland of scientific and technological innovation.We will further strengthen innovation entities, implement programs to foster innovation-oriented enterprises, improve the cascade cultivation mechanism of “micro growth, small growth and high growth”, strengthen digital empowerment, and enable the Internet, big data, blockchain and other technologies to better serve the real economy.Further expand the platform for innovation.We will further promote the construction of a number of high-level platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation, continue to optimize the “1+N” development pattern of Weihai Innovation Park, and create a number of innovation consortiums with efficient collaboration between enterprises, universities and research institutes.We will further improve the innovation ecosystem.We will optimize and improve the program of “Bringing talents to the green”, continue to improve the system of linking government, industry, universities, research institutes and financial institutions, deepen exchanges and cooperation between universities and enterprises, and further expand the mode of cooperation with higher vocational colleges.Talking about the work in the next five years, Huancui District Science and Technology Bureau Party secretary, director Wang Polo listed three “degrees” : “to increase the ‘thickness’ of innovation, the implementation of innovative enterprise cultivation project, do a good job of echelon cultivation, promote the ‘micro growth, small rise, high expansion’, to achieve the number of enterprises, the size of double growth.It is necessary to increase the “height” of innovation, cultivate a number of high-level innovation carriers, actively integrate into the construction of the city’s “1+4+N” innovation platform system, accelerate the construction of the Aerospace Science and Industry Laser Communication Advanced Technology Research Institute, assist in the construction of the Yuanyao Shallow sea science and Technology Bay Area, focus on “smart growth”, and improve the quality and efficiency of the development of Weihai Innovation Park.To increase innovation ‘concentration, borrows the academics’ think-tank’, serving local development, in the field of Marine science and technology, high-end equipment, etc, to promote the school to university-enterprise cooperation towards a deeper, more dimensions, help more enterprise research technical difficulties, attract more scientific research achievements to the development zone, to make delicate, happy, energetic contribution to common prosperity first demonstration area of science and technology strength.”Around the area of the 16th party congress put forward “build a high-end industry system” high ground “concentrating on scientific and technological innovation” strategy, such as huancui district development and reform bureau, party secretary, chang-jun liu said: “this policy is to improve quality, and the effect of economic development, innovation source ability in leading the specific path, pointed out the direction for our future work.Next, district reform bureau will thoroughly implement the spirit of the sixteenth party congress, as a whole pays special attention to the old and the new kinetic energy transformation, construction of key projects, talents cultivation, innovation platform priorities such as education, work, efforts to boost regional economic development, high quality for the development of a delicate, happy, energetic contributions to common prosperity first demonstration zone.”