How to take goods with video number?Live with goods to see this, shopping bag shelves navigation manual!

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Video number with goods is to realize video number flow cash!At present, there are two main types of goods: short video chain and live with goods.Let’s talk about the 2nd today – live with goods.With Luo Yonghao live with goods also huge debt things are known, more and more people will hope to realize the flow of cash to live with goods.But just opened the video number live, we encountered two big problems: video number how live with goods?How do shopping bags go on shelves?No matter how clever you are and how excited your users are, there is no product in the shopping bag and no way to actually translate the transaction.In view of this problem, today to share with you in the form of pictures and texts video number how to take goods?Video live with goods shopping bag how to add goods?How to quickly video number flow cash?First, open love shopping shop two, enter the selection page to choose goods suitable for their live broadcast room, this choice to do a good job in line with the theme of today’s live, suitable for their video number content area of goods, so as to better out of the list.Three, choose the right goods, on their own store shelves number four, to join video window after the success of the shop, or click on the red button “has shelves to promote”, then click the “video, window” pop-up window now love go buy a hand shop has created WeChat video window, can be directly stores WeChat window, also is more convenient, do not need to switch back and forth.V. Associated video window If it is the first time to add goods to the video window using ihangwu buyer store, you need to go to wechat mini program “Take goods Center” for association. There will be guidance for this process. For example, open wechat below and directly enter the take goods center.Click the shopping bag of “Goods” in the lower left corner. 7. Add Goods to the shopping bag in the Broadcast room.Return to the live broadcast page, click on the shopping bag, and the video number will broadcast the goods and add the goods to the shopping bag successfully.In general, live broadcast with goods not only to know how to sell goods, more important is to choose high-quality goods and reliable sources of goods.There are a large number of high-commission goods in shopping shops, 100,000 brand shops and 300,000 selected commodity pools.In addition to the commodity pool, aizou will also provide the core value of live broadcast operation services for the talent, hand in hand to help the talent to improve the ability to take goods.What is cargo-carrying capacity?The ability to carry goods is the core ability to determine the long-term commercial value of the company.This includes analysis of fan portraits, distribution and matching of content and goods, operation and planning of live broadcast rooms, and more importantly, after-sales support.Summed up is, love to help shopping talent investment, help the talent to fix the after-sales, and help the talent to do planning.While the master only needs to do a good job in the content, all the other e-commerce can be handed over to Aizou.If there are other questions, you can go to wechat to search, search, private public account or video number, there will be a wandering partner to help you answer.The above is about the video number how to bring goods, wechat video number live how to add shopping bags to share, thank you for your likes and comments.