Holiday Warmth 2 released the theme song of Love Spelling Chen He warmly sang “Love Spelling Will Win”

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Yes Entertainment On January 26, January 25 at 3:00 PM, Chen He studio has released the song poster official announcement, trailer video audio source clips, for Chen He singing “Warm Holiday 2” love theme song “Love will win” preheat.At 0 o ‘clock on January 26th, Chen He studio and Holiday Warm Air official micro blog released the link of the official music platform of Aibang theme song.· Chen He used his magnetic voice to sing the classic song “Love to Fight To Win”, which has been loved by many people since its release.In particular, the lyrics of “three days doomed, seven points by struggle, love to fight will win” reflect the people of Southern Fujian face difficulties, love the spirit of fighting.Singing soulfully in his native Dialect of Hokkien, Chen He brings us into the hearts of his characters by narrating their stories with lyrical vocals.”Warm Holiday 2″ is a temperature and depth of urban healing light comedy, mainly tells the story of a group of people came to the northeast of a b&B over the New Year, in the northeast inn a series of heart-warming stories.The drama mainly reflects the characteristic culture of northeast China and the firework atmosphere of people living and working in peace and contentment.Before this, “Warm Holiday 2” had released a preview, from the trailer can be seen that this is a comedy with a strong flavor of the Northeast, into a lot of characteristics of the northeast, such as skating, skiing, erren zhuan.The play fully shows the New Year atmosphere full of people’s happiness in the new era.Chen He plays kong Lingqi, a “playboy” who grew up in the south.In order to restore the company’s reputation, Kong Lingqi all the way followed Cheng Tenge came to the northeast, and eventually after a tortuous, two people finally cleared the haters.According to various materials released on the official micro blog, Chen He’s character is a very down-to-earth company president.In order to please cheng Tenge, not hesitate to find someone thousands of miles, fancy play handsome win favor, the whole person exudes the light of humor, full comedy effect!People can not help but wonder what kind of fresh things kong Lingqi, a southerner, will encounter in the northeast for the first time!Let us look forward to the Spring Festival of this year’s “Warm Holiday 2” it!