(forget envy) Tao lv grand ceremony

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Jiangcheng wiped his tears and sighed. “Ah sister, Wei Wuxian was our yunmeng man. I’ve been waiting for him for more than ten years, but I finally got him back.But he is day after day clinging to blue two, more and more to me.”Jiang Cheng’s mind flashed back to what Jin Guangyao had said to him at the Guanyin Temple.Yes, if I had more trust and tolerance towards Wei Wuxian at that time, I could have shared the enemy and the enemy with him, now they should still be as close as before.After all, he was narrow-minded and wrong to be separated by the villain, so that he hurt Wei Without envy, now can only witness him gradually go gradually far.Jiangcheng sighed helplessly again, picked up the invitation again and read it carefully twice.Although Wei Wuxian is not his own brother, he can grow up together since childhood, like brothers!He closed the invitation gently, and put it carefully upon his breast, with his mind secretly made up.A few days, about fairy governor married things, rivers and lakes have been surging, but in the center of the storm has not been affected.Blue Cham is still busy dealing with xianmen affairs every day, and accelerated the speed of work.He was thinking about whether he could take a few days off after the ceremony and accompany Wei Ying wholeheartedly.Wei Ying is always free and always free.Until the sixth day of September, Blue Xi-chen came to the quiet room, announced the wedding process prepared by the elders of The Blue family, and asked Wei Ying to follow the custom of temporary separation of the three days before marriage, moved out of the quiet room, and lived alone in another small courtyard next to the quiet room.Wei Ying and Blue Zhan nature is all kinds of reluctant, but the thought of the ceremony after the sweet, they consciously comply with the rules.In the afternoon, LanQiren sent wei Ying sent lanshi yazheng set, and the person to guide his study.At the same time, the LAN family also sent an elder to teach Wei Ying’s wedding ceremony in person.Wei Ying has a clever mind and her learning efficiency is naturally very high.The elders were also impressed by his ice cleverness.As a result, Wei Ying busy day feet do not touch the ground, in the evening, without the warm embrace of Blue Zhan, feel lonely, always toss and turn, difficult to sleep.Three days, Lanzhan will visit him from time to time, accompany him to try hair crown, wedding dress, practice etiquette.Wei Ying is not honest, a few words and the Blue Zhans lifted up the fire, so two human from already, three hundred rounds of war.In the evening, I don’t want to part.But the blue house specially sent students on duty at the door supervision, so they can only bear the pain temporarily, the heart is looking forward to the arrival of the big wedding day.On the ninth day of September in a year of xuanzheng, the hundred years of Fairy house cloud deep unknown before a quiet and cold, everywhere in red hanging color, red light hung high, guests at the gate of the mountain, heavy traffic, came to congratulate the audience in an endless stream.Nie Huisang made himself smooth and entered the viewing hall with a smile on his face.He two days in advance to let the students sent four big boxes, inside the things, are naturally xiandu and Wei Ying like.Hey hey, look good!Take care of them!Jiangcheng, as usual, with a face of bitterness and deep hatred, looked solemn.Jiangjiamen born three days in advance sent eight big boxes, it is said that the lotus dock warehouse in the rare treasures, is the old jiang zongzi when he was commanded to leave wei Ying baby.Jin Ling arrived early in the morning.He hadn’t seen Lancer and Lancer for a long time, so it was a good opportunity to spend some time with them.Along came a two-meter-long gift list and several gift boxes.Because the old parents of gold are more and more aware: Jin Ling will be immortal family in the strongest relationship, so must borrow immortal du wedding, send gift, has been the future of the Jin.Therefore, gold and silver jewelry, antiques and treasures, are unified box, continuously carried into the cloud deep unknown place.In the guests who came to see the ceremony, there are many fairy women.A few days ago, when they heard that Fairy du and Wei Ying tie the road, almost dream broken fanghua, hardly wished to live.It is said that these two are extremely attractive, no matter which one to marry, will become peers of the mountain.However, such top two people, but to become a family!Great resource, wasted like this!How can one not sigh?Stop, although not, but can personally see the feast feast is also worth it!All the guests are in the fairy floating blue door led, orderly into the viewing hall, according to the name of the seat.The upcoming ceremony, but life for the first time encountered, think enough to show off half of their life.So everyone sat quietly, holding their breath, looking forward to the start of the ceremony.(To be continued)