Weather forecast: Spring Festival holiday end, heavy snowstorm arrival, inverted cold into a foregone conclusion?Proverb: What do you say?

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Today is the fifth day of Chinese New Year, the first day after the start of Spring, and it has entered the sixty-ninth day weather, but the temperature is still a bit cold. In the south of China, the weather of these two days is sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and very cold, and the climate is different from other years.According to the weather forecast, from February 5 to February 7, the whole country will soon usher in heavy snowstorm, if you are in the area of snow, especially heavy snowstorm, it will affect your trip, you can pay attention to the weather forecast, as well as the road travel situation, planning as early as possible to return.Under the combined influence of cold and warm air, a new round of rain and snow is expected to hit the eastern and southern parts of the Northwest from Saturday night to Sunday.Northwest eastern, western, jianghan, jianghuai huanghuai Midwest, south and north of yunnan-guizhou plateau in northern has small to moderate snow or sleet, rain, snow, the south eastern gansu, ningxia, shaanxi south, the north and west south henan, hubei, hunan, northwest, central and southern anhui, zhejiang and other places in northern parts of the heavy snow,Southwest Hunan, central and southern Anhui, northwest Zhejiang, northwest Yunnan local snow;Central and southern Yunnan, Jiangnan, South China and other places have moderate to heavy rain.The weather will be like from the above you can see, a new round of cold air coming again, the rain snow weather, the scope of the snow, in some places there are massive blizzard, after spring, snow even if, the farmers are more interested in agricultural production, if this several days also snow, isn’t “pollen” what will happen, let peasants some confusion,Look at the proverb how to say?A, the beginning of spring met snow, grain rain also frozen seedlings from the meaning of this sentence, is the beginning of spring warm weather, but also rain and snow weather, then to the grain rain festival before, there will be frost, the seedlings are frozen.According to the lunar 24 solar terms, grain rain throttle for every year on April 19 solstice 21, that is to say if after spring rain and snow, so that by the small rice seedling, the weather is a lot of frost, is easy to put the seedlings freezing, but by the grain rain after the first, is the end of the spring throttle, the temperature today is to be able to rise to more than 18 degrees,If there is a low temperature frost, it is obvious “reverse cold” weather, to do a good job as early as possible.Two, the start of Spring solar term rain and snow fly, Yangchun in March wear cotton-padded jacket the start of Spring solar term time is not too long, from the time of this year is February 4 to February 18, after the start of spring, the grass on the ground have revealed the green, 'Apart from the grass, a year old withered, wildfire can not burn, spring breeze blows again;However, during this period of time, there is a large range of rain and snow, so the climate is a little abnormal, after all, it has entered the sixty-nine days.Usual year, rainfall, snow is usually in November to January, according to the countryside, is after the spring weather has become warmer and warmer, ChunNiu breathed, a little hot, but from the perspective of the climate of this year, southwest of hubei province in northwest, central and southern anhui and zhejiang, yunnan local blizzard, snow will fall heavily.From the meaning of this sentence, if it is in the beginning of spring solar term there is still rain and snow weather, then the spring in March is still not warm, the weather will still be very cold, but also put on a small cotton-padded jacket to resist the cold, spring in March such a cold weather, this is the obvious “reverse cold” weather.Three, under the spring rain and snow, the beginning of land let’s take a look at your mouth, though it is spring and summer, and there, but the time span is large, spring is the February 4 to 5 every year, but every year of summer is from May 5 to May 6, and difference for three months, from the meaning of this sentence is to say, if the spring throttle, snow and rain has been down,So after the Start of Summer Festival, it will be low temperature and less rain, because the temperature decreases, the rain can not fall down, the land because of water shortage and opened the big crack.From this point of view, it is also a typical inverted cold weather, rain and snow before and after the Start of Spring, but after the Start of Summer Festival, the temperature drops, low temperature and little rain, and the soil is dry, which is very unfavorable to agricultural production.Four, 69 snow, 99 river not open into 69 days later, this year is the spring hit 69, according to the truth that the temperature has gradually picked up, winter has passed, spring has arrived, but combined with this year’s situation, a large area of rain and snow weather, in 69 weather, there are so much rain and snow weather.Then in 1999, the snow and ice in the river would not melt away. According to the rural saying, in 1999 and 1999, oxen were ploughing all over the land:The arrival of spring, cattle under the ground began to prepare crops, to 69 should rise in temperature, the opposite of a lot of rain and snow weather, then the recent crops of wheat, apples, peach trees, cherries will be greatly affected, because will be affected by frost weather, output will be reduced, farmers’ harvest will also be reduced.The Spring Festival is coming to an end. For office workers, they should pay attention to the good weather and road conditions and plan their own way back.For farmers, in the June ninth and the start of spring after this round of rain and snow weather, will be the normal temperature will be pulled down a lot, from the agricultural situation, there is a “reverse cold” probability is very large, to do a good job of prevention as soon as possible, do you think there will be a reverse cold this year?Have you planned your return route?Feel free to join us in the comments section.