Until February 6th!In the United States, Shaanxi issued one million travel coupons

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The value of the joint issuance of cultural and tourism consumption coupons is more than 3 million yuan.From Jan 29 to Feb 6, users simply open the Meituan APP, locate each city in Shaanxi province, enter the channel of tickets for nearby Tours or scenic spots, and click on the special page of “Winter and Spring Tourism Season Benefiting People in Shaanxi” to receive the package.The package contains red envelopes totaling 200 yuan.The red envelope is valid on the day you collect it. You can get one red envelope per day. Tickets are limited to January 31 to February 6.In order to increase the popularity of the Spring Festival tourism market, shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Meituan jointly launched the “Winter and Spring Tourism Season To Benefit people in Shaanxi” to promote consumption.The activity promoted the full recovery of shaanxi province’s cultural and tourism industry by distributing cultural and tourism promotion red envelopes to consumers and launching Spring Festival special benefits in conjunction with tourist attractions and hotels.As the epidemic prevention and control has become a norm, many consumers have become accustomed to not traveling without reservations.As the weather is getting warmer and the travel peak is coming, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism is calling on tourists to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control policies, make an appointment in advance and enter the parks in an orderly manner.In order to meet the local people’s festive cultural needs, Xi ‘an Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism launched a batch of high-quality cultural products and activities popular with the masses during the Spring Festival holiday online, creating a strong atmosphere of “reunion, reunion, unity” Chinese New Year.”Cloud enjoy culture, healthy New Year’s day” line above brigade huimin activities include “inheriting classic holidays cloud show, live” long teng hu yue Chinese year “cloud,” changan joy full year “cloud spread,” the ancient capital of one thousand New Year in “cloud experience,” the year of elegant taste “cloud sharing and so on five big theme 20 key activities, through the way of online performance, show, live,During the Spring Festival, the masses can enjoy the feast of cultural tourism without leaving home.Xi wen, head of the travel bureau said that all kinds of cultural tourism administrative departments at all levels and cultural centers, libraries, art galleries and other public cultural service network platform, digital culture will fully give play to the role of public culture, highlighted by xi ‘an features, highlight new “hit” online activities, to reassure the Chinese New Year, happy New Year.