Today’s “break five” : neither break nor stand

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Finished, 1, since yesterday, regardless of the weather in winter chill of wait sign still we have been walking in the spring it is an indisputable fact that throttle is so time is whether humans willing to not willing to walk the line so that a good present actively respond to conveniently and to dare to new knowledge so try our best to face all in the state of the life that you want to go into a state for oneThe year lies in the spring 2. Yesterday when the dawn of spring came at 4:51, the beginning of spring sunset, lights on to welcome the Winter Olympics to 20,The opening ceremony of the start of Spring the 24 Solar terms of China became the opening ceremony of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games a cluster of green and clear bird’s nest a crystal clear snowflake floating through the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games has never ignited the ignition ceremony of the bright understanding of China’s wisdom bright Chinese Hui LAN hui,The most simple simplicity of the four dimensions of the country is not simple. The plan and ingenuity without skill is better to reveal the feeling of common sense, Chinese people’s emotional principle,Chinese philosophy of harmony, the opening ceremony of the games I feel 3, today is the fifth day, commonly known as “break five” taboo today can “unlock” the New Year the Chinese New Year during the Spring Festival in the traditional agricultural society of ghost is some ceremony for hard working people a year take rest time for the holiday has many taboos forbidden things matter more for fear of heaven and earth what should do what not to doAct lies in the heart of fear, such as taking care of the caution is ten thousand ships of the New Year’s day also have much heaven ceremonies to worship heaven and earth more more more for worship worship ancestors are respected for JingXiao parents brothers and sisters that some ceremony the some statecraft is especially important during the Chinese New Year gratitude the past seeks to uphold the bounty of heaven and earth have families strategy formulated the life-moral the home countries crossed the fifth some spirit totem of the Chinese nationHave a New Year have a New Year There are some people I will be puzzled how they can “old feudalism” on the grounds of no taboos?The ceremony of worship heaven and earth fathers “that are kuang li” filial to parents and elders “now what have you want to eat what buy themselves what have to go through the motions over the New Year” to treat brothers and sisters “gift relatives take back and forth DiLiu us to discuss our New Year’s day is not string of what happened (funerals as gift) say the” and then there are the various pacing back and forth each have each year relatives is relativeFriends interact each other to have feelings for these baiwujinji person can only ha ha you don’t care about other people care about your people will dedicating it is need to express it otherwise no feelings? I want to say is for these people that there is no “break five, five, broken nothing down, nothing up the opening ceremony of the Olympic winter games broke our common sense and is expected to set up new ideas and new knowledge” break five “bid farewell to the annualWhen you have two roads in front of you, choose the most difficult one. About the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, I think of people’s talents as the network has said:People, no matter their age, talented and enterprising spirit, can shine and glow when they are old, giving people the surprise of youth. About “Breaking five” and the ceremony of Chinese New Year, I think of human and human nature. Human nature is common in words, but noble and rare