“Love dumplings” cheer for the frontline epidemic prevention workers in Heping District

2022-07-23 0 By

On March 26, the fifth round of nucleic acid testing began for all staff in Shifu Road community, Beishi Street, Heping District.A special resident came, she carried 10 boxes of dumplings, for the frontline anti-epidemic workers.It is understood that these love dumplings are she and her family spent a day, their own dough, rolling skin, mixing stuffing, pure handmade, just out of the pot immediately sent to the community, the staff hands are still steaming.These boxes of steaming dumplings are filled with residents’ love.Through conversation, we learned that the resident is a lawyer who works from home during the epidemic.”As the epidemic prevention and control work is so intense, the hardest work is the front-line workers,” she said. “I want to do my part and show some love to them.If the dumplings are not enough, I will go home and continue to pack!”Staff members are eating delicious dumplings, warm in the heart, the exhaustion that continuous work brings because be understood, be identified and disappear into thin air.During the epidemic, the Community of Shimfu Road received help from volunteers from all walks of life. Some of them closed their shops and were ready for the community call.Some people apply to work from home with their work units, so that they can do volunteer service in the community.There are also some people saw the online volunteer recruitment notice, volunteered to sign up.The relentless epidemic has turned into a steady trickle of determination and strength to win the final victory.