Linkage with “12345” to create a procuratorial version of “Answer the complaint immediately”

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Beijing: broadening the clues to encourage innovation in the civil appeal to solve on March 31, concise, tongzhou district of Beijing city management command center and the district procuratorate launched the “procuratorial supervision + citizen hotline” joint operation mechanism, establish joint orders, two-way feedback, joint supervisory, emergency contact and the joint chiefs of staff, a number of specific mechanisms.How to rely on the “12345” citizen service hotline platform to expand the sources of procuratorial appeals and legal supervision clues is a problem that the Procuratorial organs in Beijing have been thinking about and planning.At the beginning of this year, Zhu Yappin, chief procurator of The Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate, led a team to the Beijing Citizen hotline service Center to learn the overall experience of the operation of Beijing’s “12345” citizen service hotline and the whole city’s handling of complaints immediately. “Hotline + procurator” has opened a new way of exploring the work of solving people’s demands.”Hello, I find something is wrong with the river. It looks like someone is draining sewage into it. Someone needs to take care of it.”In August 2021, people called the “12345” public service hotline to report sewage in a section of a river in Beijing.An investigation by a branch of Beijing Municipal Drainage Group found that some enterprises had secretly discharged sewage from construction into the drainage pipe network, causing river pollution.The company moved quickly to address the violations and shut down the sewer line.However, after more than a month, the “12345” hotline again received a report from the public, the river again appeared in the sewage.Dongcheng District Procuratorate paid attention to this report clue, and found that the situation was true during the joint river patrol with relevant departments, so the report was officially entered into the case handling system as a public interest lawsuit clue.After investigation, it was found that the construction company that had been treated had unlawfully reopened the sewage pipeline that had been blocked and continued to discharge sewage into the river.The institute believed that construction enterprises should be liable for environmental damage compensation, so it coordinated relevant departments to issue expert opinions on river water pollution, and promoted the administrative organs and compensation agents to reach compensation agreements through consultations.How did the clues that the public reported to the “12345” hotline get into the eyes of the procuratorial organs?It turned out that dongcheng District Procuratorate had joined the exclusive contact group of “12345” hotline to receive relevant information every day and screen out clues that might involve public interest litigation.Since 2021, more than half of the public interest litigation threads accepted by the hospital have been closely related to the “12345” hotline.There is no one alone.In performing its duties, the Chaoyang District Procuratorate has also actively explored the public interest litigation clues in the “12345” hotline, and has granted the right to inquire information on the hotline platform of “handling complaints as soon as possible”, realizing the dynamic and real-time inquiry of people’s demands.Since 2021, the hospital has sorted out more than 8,000 appeals for public interest protection from the “12345” hotline, 65 of which were turned into case clues and registered after initial investigation.”I shared my money with my workmates. We are all very happy. On behalf of them, I wish you a happy New Year in advance!”On January 29 this year, the case handling team of the Fourth Procurator Department of Pinggu District Procuratorate received a wechat message from zhang, a representative of migrant workers, showing screenshots of zhang’s transfers to nine other workers.It turned out that four days ago, Zhang received a phone call from the prosecutor of the hospital, only to know that he had complained to the “12345” hotline about unpaid wages, the procuratorate has intervened to solve the problem.Just a few days ago, the prosecutor took the initiative to contact the parties, which benefited from the Pinggu District Procuratorate’s “prosecution +12345 hotline” cooperation platform.In order to find people’s demands and solve their problems with full perception, full response and full integration, the hospital took the initiative to connect with the District Government Affairs Bureau and established a cooperation platform of “Procuratorial +12345 hotline”, forming a mechanism of clue transfer, information sharing, feedback handling and regular consultation.Since its launch in January 2022, the platform has pushed more than 3,000 appeals.On the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, the institute took the initiative to contact pinggu District Government Affairs Service Bureau, hoping that the bureau could sort out the clues of migrant workers’ wage claims from the “12345” hotline data as soon as possible and provide information on petitioners through the collaboration platform.The next day, 461 clues quickly transferred to the hospital, the hospital’s fourth procuratorial department case team combed in time, found zhang and other 10 people, Miao and other 17 people two batches of migrant workers to get pay case clues.Under the patient interpretation, reasoning and mediation of the case handling team, the relevant cases were successfully settled, and 27 migrant workers were successfully paid in just four days.Start “procuratorial supervision + citizen hotline” linkage mechanisms at startup “procuratorial supervision + citizen hotline” linkage mechanism, tongzhou district people’s procuratorate jointly with the urban management center many times discussion consultation, field investigation, and explore how to rely on the “12345” hotline to provide more high-quality procuratorial products supply, better services ensuring high quality deputy center of Beijing city development.According to reports, Tongzhou District Procuratorate has made great efforts to create a procuratorial version of “four lawsuits and four handles”, namely, relying on the “12345” hotline to expand sources of prosecutor-related appeals and legal supervision clues, and realize the advance of judicial service port;To do a joint complaint, two-way feedback, joint supervision, joint meetings and other forms to form a joint force for handling appeals;We will help prevent and manage key areas and common problems at the source by making and issuing procuratorial suggestions, so as to resolve more disputes before and at the source of lawsuits.We should strengthen the ability to respond to lawsuits and handle them well, and take the establishment of the linkage mechanism as an opportunity to let outstanding young cadres deeply participate in the immediate handling of lawsuits and improve their ability to work with the masses.”The joint working mechanism of ‘procuratorial supervision + citizen hotline’, as an innovative pilot of ‘hotline + procuratorial’ integration to promote the resolution of citizens’ demands, has made a practical exploration of promoting the closed-loop management of clue collection and procuratorial supervision, marking the citizen hotline has stepped up a new level in its journey of exploring diversified co-governance.”Tongzhou District city management Committee party secretary, director Liu Deli said.It is understood that the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate is also promoting the upgrade and improvement of the capital prosecutorial version of “receiving complaints as soon as possible”, and making data integration and clue sharing more standardized and intelligent through cross-network exchange and other technical means.Source: Procuratorial Daily