Do practical affairs | Left Banner: Party organization “powerful” do practical affairs “give force”

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Party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members of Baring Left Banner focus on the pain points and difficulties, solve the most concerned, most direct, and most realistic interest problems with heart and emotion, truly do good things, do real things, solidly promote the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”, and test the results of party history study and education with the effectiveness of service.Observe the situation of the people, visit the public opinion, find the right “entry point”.We strengthened top-level design, formulated and issued a work plan for the practical activities of “Doing practical things for the people,” identified four major categories of activities and 18 specific tasks, and tightened the main responsibilities of Party organizations at all levels and the responsibilities of party organization secretaries as the first person in charge. We held four special scheduling meetings on handling practical matters, and drew up “construction drawings” for carrying out practical activities.Problem-oriented and based on the needs of the people, we collected more than 5,900 key, difficult and hot issues from the people, proposed 574 key projects for the people’s livelihood, and helped solve more than 5,700 people’s livelihood issues through heart-to-heart chats, questionnaires and opinion soliciting forms.Adhere to the “listen to their opinions, to visit people, does the practical work, solving problems” throughout the course practice in all aspects, carrying out “for the people share the solution difficult problem, based on post contribution” activities, QuanQi XianFengGang set up party members, could the 1974, 330 volunteer service site, a volunteer service 66, resolve the practical difficulties of more than 5350 pieces.Hold “practical” special scheduling meeting to optimize services, solve problems, and do the “joint point”.In gacha Village, 3,216 Party members from 66 government organs and units of the Banner reported to the community. Focusing on key work such as building a civilized city and normalizing epidemic prevention and control, they identified the best combining points of demand, resources and services and carried out 12,106 volunteer service activities, continuously raising the upsurge of doing things for the people.We continued to standardize and refine the “Internet plus government services” initiative, with 68 window service units optimizing 139 service processes, and the integrated online service platform releasing 1,618 implementation lists for government services. 98.8 percent of government services were online, 87.1 percent of all government services were online, and 82.3 percent of government commitment deadlines were reduced.We have steadily carried out the “I Help You” volunteer service activities, set up 330 volunteer service stations in residential areas and other key public places, and organized 66 volunteer service teams. We have carried out 1,412 “I Help You” volunteer service activities in the new era, covering 7,589 Party members and benefiting more than 135,000 people.”I Help you” volunteer activities to build a mechanism, promote long-term, focus on the “foothold”.In response to the five-pronged effort to get things done, we introduced 478 policies and measures and 561 measures in line with the key work of ethnic unity, rural revitalization, community-level governance, improving the business environment, and rectification of comments received from inspections at all levels. These measures effectively address the people’s urgent needs and worries with institutional support.Establish regular supervision mechanism, strictly implement the half moon scheduling, regularly reminded, the supervision of the public air is basked in, assigned by feedback, circuit, such as the mass appraisal work mechanism, carry out special supervision 4 rounds, does the practical work covering all the focus on solving the problem of mass concrete, on the basis of optimizing policy mechanism, continuously consolidate deepen the practice effect.We will strengthen the orientation of practical results and establish a mechanism for evaluating people’s satisfaction with their work, so that the people can make their voices heard and speak on the basis of their real achievements, and effectively improve people’s happiness and satisfaction with their work.Various departments and units in various regions publicized the relevant lists and progress of practical matters in three rounds in media such as Chifeng Daily, and publicized 1,601 key livelihood projects.Air drying list of Key Livelihood Projects tour Steering Group supervisor (Liu Hao, Organization Department, Left Flag Committee)