Division zong human Protection: To fight the epidemic bravely, live up to the mission to wait for spring

2022-07-23 0 By

On March 30, a sudden COVID-19 positive case broke the peace and tranquility of Shizong, a small county. For a time, schools were closed, shops closed, enterprises closed, factories shut down, communities and villages were closed, and traffic checkpoints were set up. The whole county entered a state of emergency prevention and control.With the expansion of the battle line against the epidemic, there is a serious shortage of personnel on the front line. Picc Property Insurance Shizong Branch timely responded to the call of the government, took the initiative to shoulder the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control work. It immediately formed the “Epidemic prevention and control Logistics Support team” to assist the Work of Shizong County Red Cross Society.Responsible for receiving, distributing, registering and transporting donation materials from social caring enterprises and caring people.Each work steady and orderly development, seemingly just counting, registration, send and receive, transport work, but is not easy, not only have the account, have recorded statements, material number and the data quoted must be completely consistent, therefore besides transceiver, carrying supplies, even working overtime every day, registration, storage, acceptance, outbound, check,Every item must be checked and checked repeatedly, in order to timely and accurate reporting, tedious and hard work.But no matter day or night, as long as it is notified by the headquarters, they will be in place immediately to ensure that all those who come to get supplies can receive them in the first time and send protective supplies to the people in need in time.The team is working around the clock to ensure the demand for supplies on the front line.In front of the virus, there are new positive cases every day, they also panic, also worried, but they can not go back to take care of the old and young at home, let alone dare not close to their families.Water was too busy to drink, and there was no time to eat. Every day’s work was very hard and tiring. But when we saw that shizong’s epidemic did not spread, we were very relieved.